Making Memories-Update

           Hey everyone, so it’s been awhile since i have written and updated. I apologize to all those who have been wondering where i have gone. Anyways, i am back, even though i thought many times i would just quit blogging. However, i decided to come back in full swing. What’s new? Nothing much just working and making memories. This weekend is Caribana/Toronto caribbean carnival long weekend, and i’m so grateful that i was off to enjoy the festivities. Let’s recap, friday i met up with a friend and relaxed downtown with some folks. On Saturday i attended the Toronto carnival parade, and then had the amazing opportunity to see Machel montano live in concert. The weekend so far has been amazing, but i think i am starting to get old cause i dont seem to function as well as before without sleep. Anyways, HAPPY CARNIVAL WEEKEND everyone, especially to my west indies people!! Okay back to Machel Montano. He was amazing last night, and i danced the night away with 1000+ guests or more  in a big outdoor fete. Unfortunately, i did not bring my camera with me so no pictures, boo!!! However, i will leave you with my favourite song of his. Please play, and enjoy.


Dundas Square-Downtown Friday-me in the jean shorts

Saturday at the Parade-friends

me in the maxi dress

outfit information:

First outfit: shirt:thrifted, shorts:DIY,shoes:aldo, bag:thrifted

Second outfit: maxi dress: h&m,belt:thrifted,shoes:aldo

sincerely miss J


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