Goodbye Warmth and Hello to Cold

Hello Beauties and Gents,

I am back with another outfit post and many more to come. These pictures were taken two weekends back when the weather was still  bearable to wear a skirt in. This was my last attempt to inject some bright colours into the mix until I pulled out my fall palette.

 The top and skirt were thrifted. A big thank you, to my friend Abena who gifted me this skirt and 3 more. Check out her tumblr here .The foot wear was an expensive impulse buy at the beginning of the summer at a small boutique. I love them because their  made completely of leather including the soles, and they are really comfortable. However, no more impulsive crazy buying for me. 

Currently, I’m participating in a no more shopping ban for three months, this all started Friday( Sept. 21st). I realized after doing some cleaning and organizing of my closet that I had a lot of potential basic pieces to work with. I’m also a student who still has tuition hanging over my head, so paying that must come first. So anyone want to join me in this challenge? You have $20 break only if you really must buy something.

Anyways, enjoy and I shall be back soon.

Sincerely, Miss J
Outfit Information: Necklace: Icing, Top: thrifted (Areopostale), Skirt: gifted (but thrifted), Footwear: ? boutique :(Belstaff)- Can’t remember the boutique’s name


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