A day by the lake & now a snow storm

                 Hey everyone, this is an outfit post from a week ago or longer. I would have posted it earlier but I had gone on vacation to Atlanta and was dealing with some personal issues.
                On that particular day; my little sister, my cousin, my camera and I decided to head to the lake to enjoy the few days of nice weather that we received. The lakeshore is only 10 minutes away from where I live, so we go there often in the summertime. However, on this particular day it was pretty cold and windy so we did not stay long. But, I must say, it’s a big contrast to the weather we experienced yesterday. Toronto was hit with a big snow storm, and it was pretty rough out there. I thought I was done shovelling snow, salting the driveway, and battling through the snow in my super low sporty car for a long time, but I was so wrong. OH well!

my cousin freezing

yesterday’s weather, wow what a difference a week can make

blazer & jeans:dynamite,shirt:forever 21,shoes:aldo,bag:Costa blanca, watch: burlington coat factory (brand:xoxo)

Sincerely miss J


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