$50-$100 Outfit Series: I see Plaid

        Hey everyone, greetings from the one and only miss J, I thought I would come back with another one of my personal outfits. Fristly, I want to thank all those who follow me, comment, or those who have shared my blog. Next, I realized that it was hard to follow my blog because  the ” join this site bottom” was not visible. Well now it is, so if you wish to follow,please do. The bottom is now at the bottom.

My goal in 2012 is to share my blog with more people, and network with others. I’m naturally a very shy person when it comes to marketing myself , but I’m really trying to break out of it. So, look out for more sincerely miss j.

               Next, I wanted to address a comment that I received from a friend of friend. She stated that she loved my style and was inspired but could not afford to be fashionable. I will let you in on the advice I gave to her. My style is very inexpensive. I have too many bills, and potential investments to spend a lot of money on material goods. Therefore, I buy everything on sale, go to warehouse sales, or go thrifting. However, unless I really need it or really love it I will buy it at regular price. My main rule is if I can thrift it, I refuse to buy it at a regular store for more. The second thing is to be aware of your own personal style, body type, and to invest in basic pieces so you  can have strong foundations for your outfits.

Furthermore; I had an idea to introduce a series  where I will continue to add outfits but  at differnt price points to illustrate to you all, that being fashionable does not have to cost you an arm and an leg. It will consist of outifts from head to toe that are under $50, between $50-$100, and over $100.

Okay on to the outfit, This is the first outfit of the $50-$100 price point. I wore this one on a cold day with my winter jacket but I took it off for you all to see what I was wearing. The outfit, was comfortable and cold weather friendly. The items that I love are the black fur hat and the flat leather boots.

Now the key for the winter months and looking great is lots of layering. I love layering different textures, patterns, and colours. It gives more dimension to your outfits. 

Now on to the important stuff, the total spent from head to toe is $88.98 before taxes. Please keep in mind that the fur hat is Barts, the jeans are Miss Sixty, and the boots are leather. So, when you think about it the Miss Sixty Jeans brought at regular price already would add up to the total outfit price, so I am happy. Also many of the pieces that are found in the outfit can easily be reused over and over again to make other outfits

Outfit Information: hat (Barts) Style Sense, Scarf (Jack & Jones) warehouse sale, Plaid shirt: thrifted, Vest: Modestar, Jeans ( Miss Sixty): warehouse sale, Boots: thrifted, watch (xoxo) burlington coat factory

Until Next Time

Sincerely Miss J



  1. Jersey Blogess
    February 6, 2012 / 2:44 pm

    very cute – I really like the boots – and the hat looks like it is doing its job in keeping you warm.

  2. Anonymous
    February 7, 2012 / 4:57 am

    Very nice!!! Very nice!

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