Feeling Parisian: Stripes and White Culottes

I had a brief stint living in Europe, specifically in France when I was younger. Although, I have not returned for quite some time I can’t  help but love the Parisian style. I love all… View Post

A Quick Stop to Niagara-on- the- Lake

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!One thing that I wanted to make sure that I do more often is found some time at least monthly to go away and do something different. I’ve been desperate for another… View Post

Wide Leg Trousers

Happy Tuesday! I woke today with the sun peeking through the blinds and began to think of a quote that I read the night before.  It read: “strive for progress and not perfection”. I was… View Post

“Matchy Matchy”: Gold Shoes and Bag

Co-ordinating the colour of your shoes and bag was once a fashion faux pas and the “matchy matchy” look was a definite no no. However, all fashion rules are not necessarily set in stone.  I… View Post

Feeling causal: Sara Duke’s Tanner Dress

I’ve been away from the blog with good reason. I needed some time to focus on some personal things, understand some bad news and take time for myself. I’m also getting ready for a big… View Post