Holiday Glam

Hello everyone, Tis the season to flaunt your holiday glam looks! When I think of holiday glam, I think of sparkles, beading and sequins. So what fun  it was to have this week’s theme for… View Post

Faux Leather,Leather and Winter Weather, Oh My!

Hello Everyone, happy Thursday!! Although, it’s still Fall, Winter weather has slowly been sneaking up on us here in the North. Therefore, my new best friends are warm coats capable of shielding me from dropping… View Post

Spark Session: A fashion & Beauty Blogger conference

Greetings everyone, This year I decided to attend the first annual Spark Sessions fashion and beauty blogger conference, which took place in Toronto at the Centre for Social Innovation from Nov. 16-17. I never imagined… View Post

A Masculine Flair- TTs

Hello ladies and gents, It’s Thursday and I can’t believe how quickly this week has flown by. As you know, today is thrift Thursday’s (TTs) and today’s theme is menswear. So, if you missed the… View Post

Thrift Thursdays-Hats

Hello everyone, I am back with another edition of thrift Thursdays. Today, it’s all about the hats! Now, I know in less than 1 hour it will be Friday, but it’s still technically Thursday so… View Post