These heels were made for walking…

Hello, my beautiful people, I am back with another outfit of the day! I was heading to a boat cruise event, and needed something to wear that would be semi causal,and be comfortable enough for… View Post

African Fashion Week Toronto

Hello Everyone,  Last week I attended African Fashion Week Toronto, which took place from Aug. 15th-18th. If this is your first time hearing about this event, do not feel badly because this was their first… View Post

How to Sustain your Style and Sustain Your Wallet- 7 Easy Tips

           Hello everyone! It’ s been a very busy couple of days for me, from covering some events at the African Fashion Week Toronto to attending a local blogger brazaar to hosting a small get… View Post

The Nautical Summer

Hello Everyone,  Summer is quickly coming to a close and that means back to school for some of you, or back to regular work hours. However, all is not lost, we still have a couple… View Post

Wide leg

Hello everyone, I hope everyone has had a great weekend, I know I did.  I have been kept very busy, but wanted to post a quick outfit of the day.  I love the summer weather… View Post