That’s Just Me

Hey Everyone,

So the other day I was asked “how would I described my style” and the first word that came to me was practical! So, why did I say practical, well  because that’s exactly what it is. My life is busy and full of running here and there, literally. When I’m in class or walking around campus I need to be 100% comfortable. Therefore, wearing Christian Louboutins or stiff materials just doesn’ t do it for me, lol. However, I must salute the ones who are accustomed to wearing these things 24hours a day. Therefore, I would described my style as practical, with combinations of masculine, feminine and chic items and ranges from highend to thrifted items. I’m not a glamorous type of girl, but I can be when the time is right. I am a simple chic, and to me simplicity is best because individuals are able to see your true beauty and essence and not be distracted by so many other things going on.

This is something that I wore a day before Halloween I think. I actually had to run in and change my bag because it was raining and the leather straps and rain do not mix on the monogram patterned bags. Which is one downfall about the bag.

Outfit Information: Jacket: Dynamite, Blouse: thrifted, belt : thrifted, Pants: Ubran behaviour, Boots: Suzy Sher, and Bag: Louis Vuitton (vintage)


Sincerely Miss J


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