Who is sincerely miss j??

Hey everyone, I’m so sorry that i have not been posting much, I have gotten really busy, and the weather has been so uninspiring. It always seems to be raining, cloudy, or cold. So this is a post… View Post

black and camel

These pictures are oldies but they are still goodies, they were taken a couple weeks ago. I love this romper that I had purchased in Atlanta because of the detailing on the back  Blazer: thrifted, Romper: American… View Post

leopard print,pink,cream, and yellow oh my!

Hey Everyone,        So this is yet another outfit post, and I’m really loving this look because I was able to use a variety of different colours and textures without it looking that way. The outfit was also appropriate… View Post

I’m the DIY Queen, NOT!!! Sheer maxi skirt

                  One of the trends that I had been eyeing for this spring was the sheer maxi skirt, but all the ones I had seen were way too pricey for me to spend on a trend.          The other day… View Post

I have tumblr

Hey everyone so i have tumblr now and do alot of posting there too, my tumblr is more of my personal creative outlet with more  pictures of outfits, photography,art, fashion and so on. If you… View Post