The Fuchsia Dress + SB Clutch Giveaway

Banana Republic Fuchsia Dress and SB Clutch Giveaway, Toronto Blogger
 Time for some bright colors and warmer weather. We've received a blast of spring weather the last couple of weeks here in Toronto and I'm hoping it will last (it probably won't).  
Although I'm not one to enjoy being the center of attention, I couldn't help but fall in love with this fuchsia attention grabbing dress. I love the dress because it's modest, bright, girly and fun. I paired the dress with this funky clutch made by Shasha of SB Clutch.  

How to Add Color to Your Office Look

How to Add Color to Your Office Look,Toronto Blogger, Office Wear, Sears Canada
If I start wearing spring colors now, will spring come sooner? 
Whenever I'm feeling the winter blues, I often try to add pops of color to my wardrobe.  Although some offices may be more conservative than others, you can still get creative and not have to resort to the same black, brown, and grey palette. 
If you are in a more conservative work environment and would like to wear more color, avoid wearing multiple bright colors at once. Pick one color to be your focus.

Love is in the air with JORD + GIVEAWAY

JORD's Conway series Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood, Sincerely Miss J, Toronto Blogger, Giveaway
Photos by Armando from @origin.destiny
Love is in the air as couples around the world celebrate Valentine's Day. Ben and I are no exception, however we try our best to celebrate each other throughout the year. I always find it challenging to find thoughtful and meaningful gifts that he'll actually use for a long time.

How to Shop a Wedding Dress Clearance Sale And Find Amazing Deals

Opportunity bridal, Warehouse Sale, Wedding, Wedding dress
When I went to the Opportunity Bridal Sale to shop for a wedding dress , I gave you six tips for finding the perfect wedding dress. During that sale I walked away with a gorgeous wedding grown for an amazing deal. Even more amazing was the uniqueness of the dress. I had never seen anything like it after shopping at other bridal boutiques and it fit my personality very well. My dress was made of organza, had a strapless neckline and a corset tie back along with beautiful feathers, bows and beading details.

Six ways to boost your energy level

7 Ways to boost your energy, Toronto Blogger, Fitness challenge
A couple of months ago I was feeling completely run down. I was extremely fatigued to the point that I often started drifting to sleep mid sentence after 8pm. I was stressed to the max with the wedding, new job and just keeping up with every day life. My lack of energy affected my mood, my productivity, and my memory. I was even too tried to participate in things that I loved doing including blogging.
I decided to change a few things in my life to help boost my energy level. So, in no particular order, here are my six things I did that helped boost my energy level.