Currently Crushing on... The mule

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It has taken me a while but I'm glad to say that I jumped onto the mule bandwagon and I am currently crushing on everything mules. The mule is a style of shoe that is backless. Why do I enjoy mules so much? They are so dang easy to put on, which is a nice change from the struggle of putting and lacing up my winter boots. I also love the fact that they come in all different styles, colors, and price points. 

How Do You Like Your Trench Coat? + Giveaway Winner

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How Do You Like Your TRENCH COAT? 

Beige, black, colored? Short or long? Belted or unbelted? The trench coat is my forever go to transition staple. I love this one from Sears Canada because it's long, fits well and is a neutral color. The great thing about this trench coat is that it can be paired with tons of basic items like a simple white t-shirt and jeans. There are a variety of different outfits that a trench coat would go great with!

Five Marriage Lessons From the First 3 Months

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