Holiday Party Black Dress Style Guide

Holiday Party Style Guide, the black dress, Fashion blogger, Toronto fashion blog
I absolutely love the holidays and love finding any excuse to dress up. I will admit dressing the bump has been more challenging as time goes on but it still has not stopped me from working with what I got. This year my go to holiday look is sporting a little black dress because its versatile, spill friendly, and gives a slimmer appearance. Plus its a classic that can be worn all year round.
If you need some inspiration for black dresses for a holiday party you’ve come to the right place.

Three fashion Tips to help elevate your fall fashion game

Three fashion hacks for Fall Fashion, OTK boots, Toronto blogger
With every season comes the temptation to reinvent your whole wardrobe with all the new must-haves. I've learned that you don't have to spend money on a new wardrobe to step up your outfits each season. Investing in some fun and chic accessories as well as layering some pieces can elevate any basic outfit. Here are three tips that helped me elevate my fall fashion game.

New beginnings + New #BumpStyle

Maternity Style Cold Shoulder dress, Toronto Blogger
"I  have never meet you yet, but I am in love"

My husband and I are happy to announce we are expecting the first addition to our family. It has been an exciting and exhausting journey thus far but I would not change it for anything else in the world. We're so thankful for this blessing. 

My mini hair makeover with Clore Beauty Supply and Sensationnel EMPIRE Hair

Clore Beauty Supply and Sensationnel EMPIRE Hair, Toronto Blogger
If you're following me on instagram (smissjblog), you may have seen that I was one of many Toronto influencers hosting an in- store event with Clore Beauty Supply to help promote the launch of the new Sensationnel EMPIRE hair line at their Customer Appreciation day a couple of weeks ago. I am going to honest and say that this was one of the first and few events that I had the opportunity to participate in after being stuck indoors at home for a few weeks due to being ill.

Collecting Charms: Michael Hill Charm Bracelet

Michael Hill Charm Bracelet, Toronto Blogger, Beach Picnic
As many of you may know I am not too huge on jewellery and if I do wear jewellery, I choose to wear everyday pieces that are pretty minimal. When Michael Hill asked me to style a piece that best fit my personality and style, I couldn’t say “yes,” fast enough. However, I wanted to make sure that it was something that I could wear practically everyday and could potentially be modified or styled differently in the future. I found the idea of a charm bracelet fascinating for this reason. 

My summer go to dress and some funky sneakers

bcbg white dress, Kendra Dandy Vans Sneakers, Toronto blogger
I am sorry that I disappeared suddenly from my blog and social media. Unfortunately, I needed to take an unexpected social media break due to health reasons. Sometimes when your body says enough, you have to listen to it.

 In my last post I shared my May favorites with you which you. One of the items was a funky pair of  Kendra Dandy Vans Sneakers in mint green and baby pink. I alluded in that post that I would be styling them real soon because quite frankly I have been obsessed with them ever since I got them.
bcbg white dress, Kendra Dandy Vans Sneakers, Toronto blogger
What I like about them is that they are unique and can turn the simplest of outfits into something new. My philosophy about fashion has always been individuality and creating your own unique sense of style but that does not have to happen by always trying to buy something new and exciting. Learn to mix your basic pieces with your not so basic pieces and learn to switch them all up to make different combinations.
bcbg white dress, Kendra Dandy Vans Sneakers, Toronto blogger
bcbg white dress, Kendra Dandy Vans Sneakers, Toronto blogger
I decided to pair the sneakers with this white eyelet dress and a straw bag that I purchased in Barcelona. The result, a fun causal outfit that is well put together with a little personality.

 Hope you enjoyed the post 
Until Next Time 
Sincerely Miss J
What are your favorite things right now? 

Outfit Information: Dress: bcbg // Shoes: c/o Vans Canada (here) // Bag: Purchased in Spain // Earrings: DIY

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May Favorites 2017: Travel Edition

May Favorites 2017, Essie Nail Polish, The Body Shop, Kendra Dandy Vans Sneakers

I love reading and watching "my favorites" blog posts and YouTube videos so I thought I might start a monthly favorites of my own! 

The items pictured above are my favorite discoveries in May. Now that I caught the travel bug I am planning to travel and explore more this summer and I am definitely packing these items with me.

1. Essie Nail polishes

With open toe season here in full swing, a pretty pedicure becomes pretty important. I'm loving the variety of spring shades that are available in Essie nail polishes. 
My favorite colors are Mint Candy Apple (754), Resort Romanza ( hot pink), and Sugar Daddy ( light pink 473)

2. Kendra Dandy Vans Sneakers

 I love a good sneaker and they sure come in handy when walking long distances while traveling. I love these ones because they are so fun and girly. I have been rocking them everywhere since recently getting them. 
Curious on how to rock these cool sneakers? Stay tuned, next week I show you how to style them.

May Favorites 2017, Essie Nail Polish, The Body Shop, Kendra Dandy Vans Sneakers

3. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

This is my go to hand cream because I suffer from dry and irritated hands due to frequently using the alcohol sanitizers at work. I also use it on my feet as well. I love it because it  keeps my hands and feet moisturized and soft without a greasy build- up.

4. The Ordinary: Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum

This facial serum is extremely affordable (less than $7 CAD) but it does the trick. You only need a few drops before applying your moisturizer or sunscreen. 

Hope you enjoyed the post 
Until Next Time 
Sincerely Miss J

What are your favorite things right now? 

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Travel Guide: 48 hours in Paris

Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger
Roof top view of Paris
As mentioned in a previous post here, my husband and I took a trip to France, Spain and Italy for our honeymoon. I had been to all three countries before but only visited both France and Spain at a surface compared to Italy where I spent three weeks years ago. 
Overall, our trip was amazing!! 
Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger
The first stop was the romantic city of Paris where we were fortunate to be able to meet up with our Parisian friend. She was able to show us first hand Parisian lifestyle in a short amount of time. In 48 hours I can safely say we saw quite a bit of Paris and I wanted to share with you the amazing things you could do if you were strapped for time.

Travel Guide: 48 hours in Paris 

Musee du Louvre,Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger
Musee du Louvre
Palais Royal, Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger
Palais Royal
Eiffel Tower, Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger
Eiffel Tower


The cheapest way to get around in Paris is with the metro (subway) or by bus. The metro is quite complex but once you figure it out, you can easily go to most tourist attractions on a budget. Another, option is taking a bus tour which gives you a quick introduction to all the attractions


Paris has tons of attractions to visit while you're there. My favorite places were the Eiffel TowerMusee du LouvreNotre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg Gardens, Pont-NeufArc de Triomphe, and Palais Royal.
 When visiting these popular tourist spots be prepared for large crowds and long line ups unless visiting very early in the morning 
Notre Dame Cathedral, Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger
Notre Dame Cathedral


Paris has multiple options for shopping. My favorite department store was Galeries Lafayette. This department store is one of the most gorgeous stores I have ever seen. It has a breathtaking cathedral ceiling as pictured below. My next  favorite shopping area was Le Printemps which is also nearby. It has similar brands as the Galeries Lafayette but is a much smaller department store. It has a beautiful roof top restaurant and terrace that gives you a perfect view of Paris while sipping on cocktails (see cover picture above). Lastly,  I recommend visiting Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Champs- Elysess is a well known commercial street with many bistros, restaurants and shopping. It's also one of the most famous streets in the world and extends from the Arc de Triomphe area to the Louvre.
 Galeries Lafayette, Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger
Galeries Lafayette

My favorite Neighborhoods

Paris has many buzzing and beautiful neighborhoods.  The following were my favorite neighborhoods for their beautiful architecture, tasty cafes/ bistros, and  endless things to do.
We stayed in the Saint Germain de Pres area. It was a central area with easy access to Notre Dame Cathedral and to the Metro. I also enjoyed the Latin Quarter  which had a very lively atmosphere close to the universities. It has a lot of places to eat that is reasonably priced. 

Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger
Travel Guide, 48 hours in Paris, France, Europe Tour, Toronto blogger

Things to know: 

1. Be prepared to pay to use the restrooms in public places 
2. Be aware of pickpockets in tourist concentrated areas, always have your personal belongings in sight 
3. Be prepared to be solicited by individuals selling multiple items

Hope you enjoyed the post 
Until next time,
Sincerely Miss J 

Have you ever visited Paris? 
What did you enjoy doing when you visited? 

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Travel Diary: Comfortable Chic

Kaela Kay Clothing, Toronto Blogger, Travel Fashion, France

Travel Diary: Comfortable Chic

If you have been following me on Instagram you would have noticed that my husband and I escaped to Europe for our honeymoon. We finally got to go on that honeymoon that we had been waiting for. We decided to travel to France, Spain, and Italy and explored a few cities in each of these countries over the past couple of weeks. The trip was amazing but we were definitely on the go much more than we thought we would be, which means not enough relaxation. It was a challenge looking chic while being comfortable on our daily adventures.

The Perfect Staycation At The Grand Hotel and Suites

For many who know me personally there is no secret that these last few months have been stressful and exhausting. However, with stresses and obstacles come great opportunities for learning and growth. 
You may have noticed on some of my social media channels and Instagram that my husband and I recently had a staycation in Toronto. We needed to escape without going too far. We decided to take a staycation right here in Toronto at The Grand Hotel and Suites.

Currently Crushing on Embroidered Jeans

Embroidered Denim, Toronto Blogger, Spring Trends 2017
Without a doubt, jeans are the one pair of pants that a majority of us reach for. They're just so easy to style and wear for any occasion. That is why regardless of the season jeans are always in. This season jeans are getting a fun makeover with the fringe hem or decorative embellishments such as pearls and embroidery.  I am currently crushing on embroidered jeans the most this season.

Vacation Prints + OOTD from Boa Boutique

Vacation Print Dress, Toronto Blogger
My husband and I didn't get to go on a honeymoon immediately after our wedding. Due to bad timing and planning fatigue we decided to plan it later on. 
I love traveling and there are so many places around the world that I would love to visit. My top three are Morocco, Greece, and Kenya.

Slaying in a Gingham Suit: The Perfect Confidence Booster

Gingham Patterned Suit, Banana Republic StreetStyle
How confident are you? I am sure if you ask the most confident person they have most likely had days where they were insecure and unsure about themselves. Building confidence takes time and is an ongoing process. For many men a good fitting suit is tied to confidence. For women I feel the same way as a good fitting suit can definitely make you feel in command and confident. Plus, a suit is a wonderful investment as both pieces can be interchanged with other items.

5 Tips to Building Your Network

5 Tips to Building Your Network, Toronto Blogger, Sincerely Miss J

In any industry building a network is essential because it allows you to connect with like minded people, which can essentially grow multiple aspects of your life.
This concept is no different in blogging or social media. Networking is key if you want to survive in this large world of blogging. I found out the hard way years ago about how difficult it could be if you don't make an effort to build your network in blogging. This resulted in stunted growth and blogging became a pretty lonely place for me.

Currently Crushing on... The mule

Spring Mule Footwear, Monochrome fashion, Sinerely Miss J Blog
It has taken me a while but I'm glad to say that I jumped onto the mule bandwagon and I am currently crushing on everything mules. The mule is a style of shoe that is backless. Why do I enjoy mules so much? They are so dang easy to put on, which is a nice change from the struggle of putting and lacing up my winter boots. I also love the fact that they come in all different styles, colors, and price points. 

How Do You Like Your Trench Coat? + Giveaway Winner

Sears Canada Trench Coat, Toronto Blogger, Sincerely Miss J, Spring Outfit

How Do You Like Your TRENCH COAT? 

Beige, black, colored? Short or long? Belted or unbelted? The trench coat is my forever go to transition staple. I love this one from Sears Canada because it's long, fits well and is a neutral color. The great thing about this trench coat is that it can be paired with tons of basic items like a simple white t-shirt and jeans. There are a variety of different outfits that a trench coat would go great with!

Five Marriage Lessons From the First 3 Months

Five Marriage Lessons From the First 3 Months, Sincerely Miss J, Love distillery district

The Fuchsia Dress + SB Clutch Giveaway

Banana Republic Fuchsia Dress and SB Clutch Giveaway, Toronto Blogger
 Time for some bright colors and warmer weather. We've received a blast of spring weather the last couple of weeks here in Toronto and I'm hoping it will last (it probably won't).  
Although I'm not one to enjoy being the center of attention, I couldn't help but fall in love with this fuchsia attention grabbing dress. I love the dress because it's modest, bright, girly and fun. I paired the dress with this funky clutch made by Shasha of SB Clutch.  

How to Add Color to Your Office Look

How to Add Color to Your Office Look,Toronto Blogger, Office Wear, Sears Canada
If I start wearing spring colors now, will spring come sooner? 
Whenever I'm feeling the winter blues, I often try to add pops of color to my wardrobe.  Although some offices may be more conservative than others, you can still get creative and not have to resort to the same black, brown, and grey palette. 
If you are in a more conservative work environment and would like to wear more color, avoid wearing multiple bright colors at once. Pick one color to be your focus.

Love is in the air with JORD + GIVEAWAY

JORD's Conway series Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood, Sincerely Miss J, Toronto Blogger, Giveaway
Photos by Armando from @origin.destiny
Love is in the air as couples around the world celebrate Valentine's Day. Ben and I are no exception, however we try our best to celebrate each other throughout the year. I always find it challenging to find thoughtful and meaningful gifts that he'll actually use for a long time.