The Little Black Dress With a Twist:Ruffle Sleeves

Little black dress with ruffle sleeves, Toronto blogger
The little black dress is a fashion staple that every fashionista should have in their closet.  I recently took a trip to Dixie Outlet Mall and although I already have a vast collection of little black dresses, I could not resist this one from Katie.  It was less than $15 dollars on sale! 

It's My Birthday... 5 Things I Learned About Style At 30

Birthday outfit featuring Boa Boutique, Toronto blogger
During this past week I reached a milestone and turned 30. I still have mixed feelings about it because on one hand I am excited for what is ahead and on the other hand I have reached a realization that I am getting older and time is ticking very quickly. I look back on my early 20s and feel like I can't really remember too much but I do remember not having a care in the world and only having to focus on school. Now, I'm juggling loads of responsibilities and roles.

Fall Colors and Floral

Fall Floral Blouse, Toronto Blogger
Although I am a big fan of summer and wish that it never ends, I prefer fall fashion. I love the rich hues and absolutely adore layering unique pieces and fabrics. I also love the many options that fall offers compared to summer in terms of being able to wear many different clothing pieces. You can wear jackets, dresses, hats, sweaters, and basically any other article of clothing that you can think of.

Two Ways to Style a Scarf

Two Ways to Style a Scarf, Nautical Summer Outfit, Toronto blogger
Accessories when utilized in the right way are a great way to spice up any plain outfit. When styling this outfit my go to accessory was this nautical inspired blue, red and white scarf. The great thing about scarves are they can be styled in many creative ways. They can be tied around the neck, which is a very popular option, or they can be styled in the two ways as shown below.

The Denim Jumpsuit

Denim Jumpsuit, Toronto blogger
The main reason why I had to purchase this denim jumpsuit was the fact that I could just throw it on and go. With the crazy demands of life, I needed to find wardrobe pieces that are easy and fuss free. 

Pattern Party: 4 Ways To Mix Prints

Pattern Party: 4 Ways To Mix Prints, Toronto Blogger
I hope everyone is enjoying the remaining weeks of summer that we have left before fall arrives. I am sad to see that it's almost over because I feel there is so much more to do before it ends.
I really wanted to release this post on Friday but life happened, sorry to those waiting for it.
Today's outfit may be hard to stomach for some people because there is a lot going on with it. .  Although, these are two separate patterns which kind of compete with each other, each one is still complementary to the other.