The Minimal Classic Combo: Wearing Black and White

Long black Vest, Black bottom up skirt, Black and White Style
I've been pretty behind posting on the blog compared to what I have been sharing on instagram.  So if you follow me on instagram my apologizes if you may have seen this outfit in its entirety already and have been waiting for details.
 As a person who loves print, pattern and color there is still something intriguing about the monochrome look for me. Plus, I have a lot of black and white in my wardrobe so it comes naturally that I find myself putting together these shades often.

Spring Kind of.. Floral Spring Jacket

Floral Jacket and Fringe bag,Toronto Style Blogger
Although, it's officially spring here in Toronto, it has not really felt like it. Our temperatures are still cold and recently we had a small ice storm. However, it has not stopped me from pulling out the typical spring attire, like this floral jacket. Floral patterns are not ground breaking but any excuse to pull out my favorite floral jacket I bought over 2 years ago is good enough for me.

5 Tips for choosing a makeup artist that's right you + Before and After Pictures

5 Tips for choosing a makeup artist that's right you, Toronto Beauty Blogger, Makeup Artist
In all honesty I am no expert when it comes to applying makeupSo when it comes to doing that for a special occasion I leave it to the experts. However, in this day and age where everyone seems to fancy themselves as a makeup artist, finding the right one for your needs is not always easy. When seeking a makeup artist for your special occasions here are 5 tips I have to help guide you in your decision making.

The Classic Combo: Black and White

off shoulder blouse and culottes, Toronto blogger, monochrome
I've been off the blog for a few days attempting to recover from a few night shifts I worked at my job and the packed weekend filled with milestone birthday celebrations. We all know you can't miss the 30th and 1st birthdays of anyone special to you.

You are More Than Just Numbers: Followers, Likes, Pageviews ...

Photo by Cassandra (aka @thisgirlwithcamera): S Miss J Contributor
 Recently there has been some chatter among my blogger friends about the blogging and social media community. It almost seems that the community is growing exponentially every day. Some of my blogger friends felt pressure to increase their follower-ship and blog page views in order for their respective blogs to be taken more seriously and of course I had to chime in to share my views.  Needless to say, that is what prompted me to share my thoughts on the subject and hence, the inspiration behind this post.

Adding a Touch of Love: The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box, Yellow Blazer, Distress Jeans
If you have been following the Sincerely Miss J blog for a long time or you've just tuned in recently, you may have noticed that I am not very big on accessoriesHowever, when I decide to accessorize I usually gravitate toward necklaces. When I was approached by Sue from The Jewelry Box, I was immediately captivated by her minimalistic, beautiful  pieces that have such meaningful messages behind them. Most of the pieces spoke of love and faith and all the pieces are handmade by Sue herself.

Funky Work Wear: Fuchsia Trousers

Fuchsia Trousers, Kate Spade Bag, bag charms
The challenge of looking work appropriate but having fun with your wardrobe can be difficult. You want to look professional but still express yourself. I find that most people tend to wear black, grey, and navy blue to the officeDepending on your company's dress code/policies, those colours may be the only options available to youHowever, if you are not limited, consider wearing something bold ... like bright fuchsia pants! If done in a tasteful and professional manner, considering spring is just around the corner, it can bring some brightness to your look.

The Pleated Midi Skirt + Being Cheap Rant

One thing that I pride myself on is my ability to save money. After my unreasonable spending habits in high school, I realized the true value of money when I had to get a job and work for my money. Suddenly, I became a cheapskate, counting every penny and thinking twice before treating myself to  anything that I did not need. Today, I am slightly more liberal on my spending habits but my frugal nature has got me in a good position to achieve some amazing things and kept me from being constrained with massive unreasonable debt. So why do people still view being cheap and frugal as a bad thing? 

Orofluido Asia: The Zen Beauty Kit Review

Orofluido Asia The Zen Beauty Kit Review, Toronto Beauty Blogger
Until now I had no knowledge of the Orofluido brand, but being the product junkie that I am, I had to take the opportunity to try out their new Orofluido Asia Ritual Beauty Kit. My natural hair is the definition of dry and dull especially during the winter months so I thought I would give it a try in hopes that I would see a difference. I've been using the full kit for a couple of weeks.