Vacation Style: The Stylish Beach Cover-Up

Beach Cover-Up, tropical #ootd, Toronto blogger
I've missed this little space on the internet a lot but I decided to take a vacation from life and blogging. I decided while on vacation I was not going to worry about anything but food, the beach, and relaxing. Although I've missed that carefree lifestyle, I am glad to be back and ready to get back into the swing of things.

Airport #ootd + My Five Airport Fashion Tips

Airport Fashion Tips, #ootd, Toronto Style Blogger, Zebra print suitcase
"I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again". This week I'm heading to Los Cabos, Mexico for a much needed vacation. My girlfriend and I decided to leave the cold and grey skies of Toronto to celebrate her 30th birthday and me finishing graduate school. Please stay tuned for an upcoming vacation post.

A Pretty Dress.. The Patterned Midi Dress

eShakti floral jacquard dress, Kate Spade, Toronto Blogger, Midi Dress
It's been a while since I've written a blog post, and that was not at all my intention. Unfortunately, I came down with a stomach flu and have been out of commission for several days. However, I am feeling a bit better and slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things.  

The Leopard Pattern Midi Skirt

ASOS leopard print midi skirt, Toronto Blogger, Kate Spade
This week I had a discussion about what makes a successful blog with some blogger friends. Of course things like large followship, likes and statistics were the central focus of the discussion. But as we were talking I couldn't help but think to myself 'it would be nice to have a large following, but how successful would you be if you had to compromise your morals or hated what you were putting out there, just for the sake of maintaining your numbers?'.....

A Pop of Color: A Faux Leather Trim Jacket

Faux leather trim jacket, Toronto Style Blogger
One of the biggest challenges I have with blogging here in Toronto is the cold weather. The main issue is trying to keep warm and weather appropriate but still look decent and stylish. Therefore, some of my favorite investment pieces in colder weather are jackets and coats. I instantly fell in love with this jacket because of the color, the cut, and faux leather detailing.

S Miss J's Life Updates #1

Life updates: Smissjblog, Toronto blogger
It's 2016 and I thought what a perfect time to try something new. I've had this blog for a while and have often been on the fence about how personal I wanted to get. I'm a private person and when I started this blog I really had no intention to share much of my personal life outside of fashion and beauty. However, I've started longing to open up more and will be sharing biweekly updates called "S Miss J's Life Updates". Many of these pictures are also on my Instagram account so please feel free to follow me @smissjblog for daily updates.

Denim Jacket and The Pleated Skirt + Four Things I Learned from Blogging

Denim Jacket & Pleated Skirt, Toronto Blogger, Kate Spade
With my first outfit post of 2016 ...I started reflecting on my blogging journey over the past 5 years. I started the blog in January 2011 as a new years resolution that has now become an integral part of my life. Here are four things that I learned from blogging.