Good Bye 2016 and Hello 2017

Red Dress, Ghanaian Blogger, Sears Canada
The year 2016 has been a whirlwind of life changes for me. In 2016 I got engaged, married, started a new job, lost my car, and moved into a new home.  It was also the year that this blog began to grow and I'm starting to realize the potential that it has.  This January marks five years of blogging, but this year marked the first year that I dropped the "blogspot.com" and gave the blog its own  dot com domain. In 2016 I was able to collaborate with some amazing brands and people.

I am also very excited about the potential that 2017 brings. It will not be easy to make 2017 even better than 2016 but I will surely try. This year my goal is to master the art of talking less about what I want to do and just taking action to do it.

Happy Holidays... Red Pleated Skirt

Red Pleated Skirt, Camal Wool Jacket, Toronto Blogger
Tis the season to be jolly. With christmas being today, I thought it would be fun to get into the Christmas season and expand my wardrobe colour situation by introducing some red into it. I have never been a real fan of the colour red but I must say it goes so well with tan and it gets me into the festive season. I thought I would do that by styling this red pleated skirt.

Currently Crushing on.. Love Lettering

Love Lettering Wedding signage, Toronto Blogger, Wedding
Sign by Love Lettering. Photo by JF Hannigan Photography 

Keeping it comfortable... Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket, Toronto Blogger
Wow what a crazy last few weeks!  I’ve been away for a while but will be ramping up the posting again. I’m happy to announce that I got married last weekend and although I’m sad it’s over I am kind of relieved that I can now focus on other things besides just wedding stuff.  That was essentially my life for the last couple of months.  Planning a wedding is not an easy task and this whole experience has helped me strengthen my skills in time management, organization, and budgeting.

Bridal Accessories Pop Up Shop: Ilieana George Couture

 Ilieana George Couture Bridal Accessories, Toronto Vendor
A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a unique Canadian bridal accessories company and decided to make some time to head to their pop up shop.  Ilieana George Couture is a bridal accessories brand that offers one of a kind custom designs that merge traditional design with modern romance to cater to a wide assortment of brides. The pop up shop featured items from owner Ilieana's new 2017 bridal collection.

Over the Knee Boots: A Must Have

Over the Knee Boots, Toronto Blogger,Dixie Outlet Mall
Fall is in full swing here in Toronto and one of my favorite staples right now are over the knee boots. I love them because they are versatile to style, they keep me warm during colder weather and they add a friendly edge to almost any outfit.

A Tailored Touch

A Tailored Touch: Black Vest Dress, Toronto Blogger
 My style is very eclectic and varies depending on my current life situation and my mood. One word that one probably wouldn’t use to describe my style is "dainty". I love tailored pieces and sprinkling touches of masculine elements into my wardrobe.

Don't Lose confidence in Love

Engagement Photos, Black Couple, Black love
Photo by Captured  Moments Photography

Fun Work Wear

Fun Work Wear,Gingham Pants, Pink Blazer
I wanted to create a work appropriate outfit that was a bit funky while playing with colour and pattern in a cool sophisticated way. So I hit up Dixie Outlet Mall and picked up this cute pastel pink blazer from Winners and paired it with these great pants from Laura Outlet. 

Yes to the Dress: 6 Tips to Help Brides Find that Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping: 5 Tips to help find that perfect dress, Toronto Wedding blogger
One of the most stressful things for me about wedding planning besides finding the perfect venue was finding that perfect dress. There are so many designs to shop for that the process can be very frustrating and overwhelming if you don’t do your much needed research and don't have some sort of vision in mind. I recently said “yes” to a dress after searching for a couple of months. I can’t reveal too much of the details of my dress except that it’s strapless and has feathers on it. 

The Little Black Dress With a Twist:Ruffle Sleeves

Little black dress with ruffle sleeves, Toronto blogger
The little black dress is a fashion staple that every fashionista should have in their closet.  I recently took a trip to Dixie Outlet Mall and although I already have a vast collection of little black dresses, I could not resist this one from Katie.  It was less than $15 dollars on sale! 

It's My Birthday... 5 Things I Learned About Style At 30

Birthday outfit featuring Boa Boutique, Toronto blogger
During this past week I reached a milestone and turned 30. I still have mixed feelings about it because on one hand I am excited for what is ahead and on the other hand I have reached a realization that I am getting older and time is ticking very quickly. I look back on my early 20s and feel like I can't really remember too much but I do remember not having a care in the world and only having to focus on school. Now, I'm juggling loads of responsibilities and roles.

Fall Colors and Floral

Fall Floral Blouse, Toronto Blogger
Although I am a big fan of summer and wish that it never ends, I prefer fall fashion. I love the rich hues and absolutely adore layering unique pieces and fabrics. I also love the many options that fall offers compared to summer in terms of being able to wear many different clothing pieces. You can wear jackets, dresses, hats, sweaters, and basically any other article of clothing that you can think of.

Two Ways to Style a Scarf

Two Ways to Style a Scarf, Nautical Summer Outfit, Toronto blogger
Accessories when utilized in the right way are a great way to spice up any plain outfit. When styling this outfit my go to accessory was this nautical inspired blue, red and white scarf. The great thing about scarves are they can be styled in many creative ways. They can be tied around the neck, which is a very popular option, or they can be styled in the two ways as shown below.

The Denim Jumpsuit

Denim Jumpsuit, Toronto blogger
The main reason why I had to purchase this denim jumpsuit was the fact that I could just throw it on and go. With the crazy demands of life, I needed to find wardrobe pieces that are easy and fuss free. 

Pattern Party: 4 Ways To Mix Prints

Pattern Party: 4 Ways To Mix Prints, Toronto Blogger
I hope everyone is enjoying the remaining weeks of summer that we have left before fall arrives. I am sad to see that it's almost over because I feel there is so much more to do before it ends.
I really wanted to release this post on Friday but life happened, sorry to those waiting for it.
Today's outfit may be hard to stomach for some people because there is a lot going on with it. .  Although, these are two separate patterns which kind of compete with each other, each one is still complementary to the other.

Life Update: Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning, Toronto Bride
I have not been able to keep up with my biweekly life updates because I have been extremely busy with life. However, if you have been following me on Instagram, you may have seen this post  a couple weeks ago about wedding planning.
I got engaged a couple weeks ago and because we are extremely opportunistic people who want to capitalize on the off season dates, we are planning to have it this November! This means only 4 months to plan.

Boho Causal Friday

Sears Canada Boho Causal Friday, Toronto Blogger
Incorporating boho elements into my causal wardrobe is one of my favourite things to do. It provides
a little whimsical touch and interest into an otherwise plain outfit. I recently had the opportunity to style this fun causal outfit in collaboration with Sears Canada. Over the years my family and I have shopped at Sears buying anything from house wear to small appliances because of their reasonable prices. I've also found some of my favorite fashion pieces like the popular floral jacket that I have posted many times on the blog.

My Easy Summer Dress

Shein Blue Striped Sleeveless Bow Hollow Buttons Dress, Toronto blogger
I can't believe that the summer is coming to an end within a few short weeks. I love all things summer including being able to throw on something easy like this cut out dress. It's comfortable and has interesting details in the front so it requires minimal accessories.  The best part is that the dress is under $20!

The Recycled Outfit: Stripes and Suede Culottes

Stripes and Suede Culottes, Toronto Blogger
A few weeks ago I took an extensive look into my closet and went on a shopping spree. I seem to forget what I have when I don't take inventory very often. I found these suede culottes featured here and paired it with a white vest that I already owned.

Nothing to Wear: The Denim on Denim look

The off the Shoulder Denim Blouse, Denim on Denim, Toronto Blogger
When I feel like I have nothing to wear during those causal days, one of the easiest combos is the denim on denim look. As life gets busy the last thing we need to waste time thinking about is "I have nothing to wear" especially when it does not require much time to put together a causal outfit.

#CNDRescuekit + My Summer Home Manicure Routine

#CNDRescuekit, home manicure, Vinylux Nail Polish, Solar Oil
I love getting my nails done at the nail salon, however I don't go very often due to lack of time and the cost. In the winter I rarely if ever get my nails done at all.  This is mostly because my hands and feet were fully tucked away from the cold.
When the weather gets warmer, a pedicure is a must and I may throw in a manicure if I have time. 
I recently got to try the #CNDRescurekit from Creative Nail Design, INC (CND), the leading brand in professional nail beauty. I thought, how great would it be to be able to take care of my own nails at home with similar products as the pros?

The Black and White Off the Shoulder Blouse

black and white off shoulder romper top shop, Toronto Blogger
Off the shoulder blouses are slowly becoming some of the most versatile pieces in my closet right now. However, this one is by far my favourite because of the beautiful stripes and structure. The most interesting thing about the blouse is that it is not a blouse but the top half of a romper.

Bow Tie: Fun With Business Casual Wear

Fun at the office: white culottes, Toronto blogger, Workwear
The best way to save money on clothing and accessories is having a solid understanding of your style and your current wardrobe. Although most people's style often fluctuates, investing in key pieces that you know you won't easily get tired of is key. There is nothing wrong with purchasing  something a bit trendy but if you want to save money you must learn to reinvent your wardrobe and reuse items.  You must find a way to use your clothes to fit different situations and maybe even different seasons.

Wedding Guest: The Yellow Lace Dress

Wedding Guest: Yellow Lace Dress, Toronto Blogger
 A few weeks ago my good friend from high school got married and I wanted to wear something elegant, classy, and comfortable but vibrant to her golf club wedding.  When I found this vibrant yellow dress, I instantly  fell in love.  It had beautiful elegant lace detailing which added to the appeal. It was perfect and appropriate for a partial outdoor wedding but also comfortable enough to dance the night away.

The little White Dress and DIY Pom-Pom Sandals

Sara Duke Tanner Dress, DIY pom-pom sandals, Toronto Blogger
Happy Saturday everyone! This week has been a whirlwind kind of a week.  It's been so busy that I have not had a chance to keep up with blog posts or updates to my social media channels. I've also been busy behind the scenes re-designing the blog and shooting some exciting content. What do you think of the new design?
I absolutely adore it and it really has me excited to continue blogging.

DIY Pom-Pom Sandals

DIY Pom Pom Sandals, Toronto Blogger
Pom-poms can be found on many clothing items and accessories this season. I could not help but fall in love with this fun trend especially after finding a pair of sandals on Etsy.  The $100+ price tag  turned me off  and I didn't purchase them. If there is a chance that any expensive item can be easily DIYed instead of bought, I prefer the DIY route. This particular project was not very expensive and could be done under one hour.  

The Colourful Romper

The Colorful Romper 1.Estate, Saks Off Fifth Canada, Toronto Blogger
This week has been the week of taking risks and embracing colour. As a self-professed black and white wearer, seeing all these colours in my wardrobe has been strange but I am loving it.

Why You May Want to Embrace Color This Summer

The Yellow Dress, Toronto blogger
What I have come to realize is that when I wear bright colors, I often have the most amount of strangers stop to speak to me. When I wore this bright yellow dress to run errands,  there was no exception. I chatted with varies people about my dress, the color yellow, Beyonce's Lemonade video and the beautiful weather.  

5 Tips to Healthier and Smoother Legs This Summer with BIC

5 Tips to Achieve healthier and Smoother legs this Summer with BIC, Toronto Blogger, Summer Beauty
The weather here in Toronto has been amazing, and although it's still technically spring, the 30+ degree (Celsius) weather has it feeling like summer. With warmer weather comes exposing those legs with pretty dresses, shorts, culottes, skirts, swim suits and other spring/summer staples.
If you choose to shave, a good razor is essential for healthy silky smooth legs and is the ultimate grooming tool to help you get ready for any spring/summer adventure. BIC Soleil Shine is introducing its first five-blade disposable razor for women. More blades provide a closer shave keeping skin feeling smoother longer. 

Feeling Parisian: Stripes and White Culottes

Stripes and white culottes,Toronto Blogger
I had a brief stint living in Europe, specifically in France when I was younger. Although, I have not returned for quite some time I can't  help but love the Parisian style. I love all things with stripes, minimal style, flat shoes, and the tailored look.  All these styles seem to be essential to achieve that ultimate chic and sophisticated look that Parisian style is known for.

A Quick Stop to Niagara-on- the- Lake

Niagara- on- the- Lake, Toronto Blogger, Wine tour, Pellar Estates, Trius Winery
Happy Victoria Day Weekend!One thing that I wanted to make sure that I do more often is found some time at least monthly to go away and do something different. I've been desperate for another vacation but if you have a job and bills to pay a lavish monthly vacation is usually out of the question. I decided on a staycation to Niagara Falls but wanted to try something different from the scenic falls this time around. I spent a day at Niagara-on- the- Lake. 

Wide Leg Trousers

Wide Leg Trousers,Floral Jacket, Toronto Blogger
Happy Tuesday! I woke today with the sun peeking through the blinds and began to think of a quote that I read the night before.  It read: "strive for progress and not perfection". I was inspired to be as productive as possible today but still pace myself including publishing this blog post. 

"Matchy Matchy": Gold Shoes and Bag

Gold Shoes and Gold Purse, Toronto Blogger
Co-ordinating the colour of your shoes and bag was once a fashion faux pas and the "matchy matchy" look was a definite no no. However, all fashion rules are not necessarily set in stone. 

Feeling causal: Sara Duke's Tanner Dress

Sara Duke's Tanner Dress, Toronto blogger
I've been away from the blog with good reason. I needed some time to focus on some personal things, understand some bad news and take time for myself. I'm also getting ready for a big move out of my parent's house and into my own place next month.

Festival Style inspired #ootd

Festival Style inspired #ootd, Dixie Outlet Mall, Toronto blogger
As we inch closer to warm weather and eventually summer, we approach outdoor festival season. With all festival events, especially music ones, comes festival style which has traditionally featured elements of boho, punk, or floral fashions. Essentially, anything goes and it's a great time to experiment, get creative and be comfortable. 

The Patterned Pastel Dress with Dixie Outlet Mall

Patterned Pastel Dress Dixie Outlet Mall, #dixiedeals,spring
If you have been following the Sincerely Miss J blog for a while, you know that I love unique fashion finds at reasonable price points. For this post, I collaborated with Dixie Outlet mall, a shopping outlet mall located in Southern Ontario. I've been shopping there since I was a child, so it is pretty awesome to be able to share with you my #dixiedeal

Prints at the Office

Vlisco monochrome black and white ankara fabric, fashion, Toronto Blogger
My new rule for purchasing or adding things to my closet is that I want to be able to pair the item with 4 or 5 other items in my wardrobe. If it's an item that is not very practical and matches nothing then I will usually pass on it.  I do this to ensure that I don't own items that I have never worn and that ultimately saves money and reduces clutter in my closet.

Monochrome Again! Black and White Ankara Print

Vlisco black and white ankara print, Toronto Style blogger, African Fashion
During the last few years blogging, I've had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people.  When the wonderful people at Vlisco, one of the world's largest suppliers for wax prints contacted me with a challenge of styling their monochrome fabric, I was thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. The challenge was welcomed because of my love for wearing black and white. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm still a color and print person but the classic and polished look of pairing black and white together makes me reach for it often. When most people think African wax fabric or Ankara fabric they often think of vibrant, and bold patterns so this fabric is a bit of a deviation from the norm. Here is how I styled a black and white monochrome patterned fabric and made it work for me.

Five elements you can add to your wardrobe to help transition from winter to spring

5 elements you can add to wardrobe to transition from winter to spring, flare Jeans, Spring Trench Coat
It's been awhile since I've been able to blog because I had to take a break to focus on some personal life goals. I never knew how much time I spent on  this little space until I stepped away from it for a little bit of time. However, I am back with this causal outfit sporting a white tee, flared jeans, a vest and a classic trench coat in preparation for the warmer weather and hopefully the end of winter. 

The Suede Culottes

The Suede Culottes, Toronto Blogger, Spring #ootd, Sincerely Miss JI love culottes and I think I dig them because I prefer things that are not form fitting and love anything that stops at midi length. Although I am 5'2, I still find them flattering on me and on most body types.
When I become obsessed with something I am one of those people who will buy it in every color or pattern, so adding a suede pair to my wardrobe only seemed fitting.

The Minimal Classic Combo: Wearing Black and White

Long black Vest, Black bottom up skirt, Black and White Style
I've been pretty behind posting on the blog compared to what I have been sharing on instagram.  So if you follow me on instagram my apologizes if you may have seen this outfit in its entirety already and have been waiting for details.
 As a person who loves print, pattern and color there is still something intriguing about the monochrome look for me. Plus, I have a lot of black and white in my wardrobe so it comes naturally that I find myself putting together these shades often.

Spring Kind of.. Floral Spring Jacket

Floral Jacket and Fringe bag,Toronto Style Blogger
Although, it's officially spring here in Toronto, it has not really felt like it. Our temperatures are still cold and recently we had a small ice storm. However, it has not stopped me from pulling out the typical spring attire, like this floral jacket. Floral patterns are not ground breaking but any excuse to pull out my favorite floral jacket I bought over 2 years ago is good enough for me.

5 Tips for choosing a makeup artist that's right you + Before and After Pictures

5 Tips for choosing a makeup artist that's right you, Toronto Beauty Blogger, Makeup Artist
In all honesty I am no expert when it comes to applying makeupSo when it comes to doing that for a special occasion I leave it to the experts. However, in this day and age where everyone seems to fancy themselves as a makeup artist, finding the right one for your needs is not always easy. When seeking a makeup artist for your special occasions here are 5 tips I have to help guide you in your decision making.

The Classic Combo: Black and White

off shoulder blouse and culottes, Toronto blogger, monochrome
I've been off the blog for a few days attempting to recover from a few night shifts I worked at my job and the packed weekend filled with milestone birthday celebrations. We all know you can't miss the 30th and 1st birthdays of anyone special to you.

You are More Than Just Numbers: Followers, Likes, Pageviews ...

Photo by Cassandra (aka @thisgirlwithcamera): S Miss J Contributor
 Recently there has been some chatter among my blogger friends about the blogging and social media community. It almost seems that the community is growing exponentially every day. Some of my blogger friends felt pressure to increase their follower-ship and blog page views in order for their respective blogs to be taken more seriously and of course I had to chime in to share my views.  Needless to say, that is what prompted me to share my thoughts on the subject and hence, the inspiration behind this post.

Adding a Touch of Love: The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box, Yellow Blazer, Distress Jeans
If you have been following the Sincerely Miss J blog for a long time or you've just tuned in recently, you may have noticed that I am not very big on accessoriesHowever, when I decide to accessorize I usually gravitate toward necklaces. When I was approached by Sue from The Jewelry Box, I was immediately captivated by her minimalistic, beautiful  pieces that have such meaningful messages behind them. Most of the pieces spoke of love and faith and all the pieces are handmade by Sue herself.

Funky Work Wear: Fuchsia Trousers

Fuchsia Trousers, Kate Spade Bag, bag charms
The challenge of looking work appropriate but having fun with your wardrobe can be difficult. You want to look professional but still express yourself. I find that most people tend to wear black, grey, and navy blue to the officeDepending on your company's dress code/policies, those colours may be the only options available to youHowever, if you are not limited, consider wearing something bold ... like bright fuchsia pants! If done in a tasteful and professional manner, considering spring is just around the corner, it can bring some brightness to your look.

The Pleated Midi Skirt + Being Cheap Rant

One thing that I pride myself on is my ability to save money. After my unreasonable spending habits in high school, I realized the true value of money when I had to get a job and work for my money. Suddenly, I became a cheapskate, counting every penny and thinking twice before treating myself to  anything that I did not need. Today, I am slightly more liberal on my spending habits but my frugal nature has got me in a good position to achieve some amazing things and kept me from being constrained with massive unreasonable debt. So why do people still view being cheap and frugal as a bad thing? 

Orofluido Asia: The Zen Beauty Kit Review

Orofluido Asia The Zen Beauty Kit Review, Toronto Beauty Blogger
Until now I had no knowledge of the Orofluido brand, but being the product junkie that I am, I had to take the opportunity to try out their new Orofluido Asia Ritual Beauty Kit. My natural hair is the definition of dry and dull especially during the winter months so I thought I would give it a try in hopes that I would see a difference. I've been using the full kit for a couple of weeks.