Getting My Faux Fur Fix with a Faux Fur Vest

 Faux Fur Vest, Over the knee boots, Toronto Style blogger
It's Monday, and I'm sure most of us had a bit of trouble getting out of bed today. I know I did because I'm still recovering from a very busy weekend. I finally made it out to do some Christmas shopping and even went to the movies. I saw Creed and would highly recommend it, if you have not already seen it. The movie was far more than just some boxing movie but it spoke on perseverance ,drive, and making the most of the time we have. I also could not help but drool the whole movie through at the site of Michael B. Jordan, his gorgeous!

All Camel Everything: Camel Coat + Dress

Camel Coat and Dress, Toronto blogger, Coach bag, Black style blogger
Happy Black Friday and I hope that those who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a great day
I'm sure most of you have seen plenty of  all black and all white looks, but how many times have we seen the all camel look? Camel is a very versatile colour that can add beautiful richness to any outfit and can be paired with multiple things.

The Patterned Trouser and Stripes + Black Friday Sale Deals

Patterned Red trousers, Striped shirt, Toronto Style blogger, Black Fashion Blogger
My stripe obsession continues in today's post with this striped black and white Zara top I wore in a previous blog post, paired with this hip patterned red trouser from the Kind Exchange. 
I've been collecting various patterned trousers for a while and these red ones were my latest addition. Why do I have a thing for patterned trousers? Well, they're a great way to upgrade a tailored look, and I love keeping things interesting.

Stripes, Camel and Ripped Black Denim

Camel Blazer, Black and white striped shirt, Ripped black jeans, Toronto style blogger, Black fashion blogger
It's me again with yet another #ootd for you all. Stripes, camel and ripped denim has been my uniform of choice until just recently when the weather took a turn for "really cold".

The Colored Wool Coat

Colored Wool Coat, Mauve,Fall outfit, Toronto Style Blogger
When you live in a colder climate like me, considering outerwear in relation to what you are wearing underneath is quite important.Investing in good outerwear will not only keep you warm but can help elevate your outfit underneath. Plus, in most cases the coat or jacket maybe the only thing that people see. For today's post  I wanted to introduce a bit of colour and show how to keep warm by styling this  mauve colored wool coat from Club Monaco that I've had for years. 

The Chic Black Bow With a White Blouse

Black bow blouse, Culottes, Toronto Style blogger, Thrift blog
The black bow with a white shirt is my favorite combination to date. I think it's because it gives off both a feminine and masculine vibe for us ladies who wouldn't be considered the extremely dainty type. I've worn the black bow and white shirt combo on a few previous blog post with a leopard blazer.

Back to the Basics: Bell Sleeve Dress

Bell Sleeve dress, Black Knit, Toronto Style Blogger
As of late I've been very picky in what I purchase now. I found my self shifting my buying habits to  buying more basic classic pieces than buying trendy pieces. However, even with basic pieces I am also looking for items that I find charming and special.

Dear Mom Jeans

Denim Mom Jeans, Slip on sneakers, Toronto blogger
Dear mom jeans, thanks for your existence because I must say your one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans that I now own.

The Navy Blue Knit Vest

The navy blue knit vest, Faux leather pants, toronto blogger, Thrifter

I absolutely love the concept of a vest, and if it were up to me I would wear one all year round. I love layering things and vests make it easier for me to effortless layer pieces without  looking too bulky.
Although, the weather has been amazing here in Toronto, it definitely wasn't short  sleeve weather for me. Missing in the pictures is a simple black jacket , but I figured I'd omit it because you will see me in all kinds of jackets and coats soon enough.

That Time of the Month: My Avalai Canada Subscription Box

It's all about girl talk, sweet treats and my Avalai Canada subscription box for today's blog post. For some woman, craving sweets particularly chocolate or candy before or during their periods is a real phenomenal. For me personally, I just crave all my favorite foods including chocolates and candy.  When "it's that time of the month"  I find nothing wrong with indulging and giving into those food cravings if it's in moderation. So, how awesome, fun and convenient would it be to receive a box that will get you through your period and still help other woman as well.