Smile Brilliant Review

Smile Brilliant Review, teeth whitening, Toronto beauty blogger
Pictured above: My own customs trays, my teeth impression, whitening gel, desensitizing gel, and impression making materials
Sincerely Miss J was contacted by a company called Smile Brilliant.com to do an honest review for their professional teeth whitening product, which includes a  tray creation kit and whitening kit. I was excited when I was asked by Jackline if I was interested in doing the review. As an avid coffee drinker, I was always looking for safe and affordable ways to whiten my teeth. I initially started using the system more than 2 months ago inconsistently, and today my teeth feel fine, and I don't have any additional teeth sensitivity using the kit. 

Houndstooth Patch Elbow Blazer

Elbow Patch Blazer, Fall Fashion, Toronto Style Blogger, African
A few years ago I had purchased this houndstooth patch work elbow blazer from the thrift store. Ever since then it has been lovingly dubbed the 'Old Man Blazer'  (or OMB for short) by my family and friends. Maybe, it does look like something your grandfather would wear but I had fallen in love with the texture, the colour, and the patches on the elbows.

Knit two-peice

Express Clothing Two piece, Crop top, midi skirt, Toronto blogger
I usually shy away from the body con fit, especially if it's a spandex material. Just because I don't find them very comfortable and appealing on me. However, when I found this ribbed crop top and midi two- piece set from Express Clothing, I knew I had to have it.

Playing with Suede and the 70s

Suede Brown Skirt, Black Style blogger, Toronto, fringe bag
  Happy Wednesday everyone! As you may have noticed I'm back with another post because I now have a bit more free time to focus on a few other things! That means I can invest more energy into the blog and create more content on a more frequent and consistent bases.  

5 Tips for choosing the right workout gear for you

4 Tips for choosing the right workout gear for you, Goty Goty Anaconda Pant, Stretchers running shoes, Toronto Blogger

It's still shocking that these pictures were taken less than 2 weeks ago before my run because of how   cold it is now.
  Ever since starting graduate school back in September, I haven't been my active self due to the workload and stress. So, when I finished in August I made it my mission to slowly transition back to my old active self.

Khaki Monochrome

Khaki Culottes street style, Coach bag, Fall Fashion 2015, Toronto blogger
The color khaki has never been a color I have ever really worn or cared to wear. I usually prefer army green and deeper browns, but when I saw these culottes I thought why not. I then came across this beautiful khaki silk top and voila, an outfit was created.

Faux Leather Joggers: Feeling very Kanye

Faux leather joggers, leopard bag, Kanye West Inspired outfit, Toronto Blogger
I've been on the search for either a pair of leather or faux leather pants for awhile. So how hysterical was I when I came across this pair while thrift shopping in Soho, New York City last month? Very hysterical.

Fashion For A Good Cause: "Fashion IZ Freedom" Tee

Fashion IZ Freedom Tee, IZ Collection, Access10
How great is it when you can express yourself through fashion and style while still helping a great cause. You may have seen me rocking this " Fashion IZ Freedom" Tee, along side other  awesome people on instagram. The tees are part of a new campaign to put the spot light on accessibility. Izzy Camilleri, designer and founder of IZ, a provider of sophisticated and functional clothing for individuals using wheelchairs, is proud to announce a new campaign to raise funds and awareness for accessibility called Access10.