Essence Cosmetics : 5 products that will not break the bank, My Picks!

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I have wanted to do this post for so long and it's very much overdue. Beauty has been neglected on this blog because for me when it comes to beauty and reviews I want to hold my readers down with as much honest and detailed information as I can. With all the past "issues" I have not been able to focus on that part which is a section I really love until now.

Blast from the Past: Inspired by the 70s

70s trend 2015, Flare Jeans, Fringe, off shoulder blouse
 If I was not born in the late 80s I would have loved to have been around during the 70s. I love the 70s because it appeared to be very laid back compared to now. I also loved how expressive and eclectic fashion was.

Style Me Ankara: Ankara Patterned Skirt Part 2

So clearly, I did not get the memo that summer is gone and fall is here with this outfit. However, I can explain! Firstly, I loved this outfit way too much for it to slip away and secondly the weather has been behaving as if it was still summer.

A Causal Reflection: Off Duty Look

White Pants Street Style, Botton up, Genometric shape clutch, Toronto Blogger
In all honesty I was not going to publish this post. I thought "this is such a boring outfit combination, and it's only a running around doing errands in an outfit I threw together".
Then it dawned on me, I'm not always dressed up or in heels in a post worthy outfit. I have my baseline style for work and play. I also have my off duty periods where I go to the movies, go for causal lunches or go to the grocery store with no calculated thought to what I'm wearing. So, I thought why not share one of those moments with you today.

Classic & Minimalist: Black and White

Black jumpsuit and White Vest,Minimalist, monochrome, Toronto blogger
It's already mid September which means summer is slowly coming to an end. I'm sad but at the same time I'm secretly grinning because with cooler temperatures comes layering and some awesome autumn trends such as high waisted cropped trousers, suede, fringe, culottes, and flares, yes please!!

5 Ways to Save Money on Clothing + Ootd Banana Republic Rugby-Stripe Shift

Banana Republic Rugby-Stripe Shift, 5 tips to save money on clothing, workwear dress, toronto blogger
Many people assume that I'm well off  because they think that I have a lot of disposable income to spend on my wardrobe . However, that is not true because my budget for clothing, jewelry, and other accessories is actually quite limited.  Therefore, I've learned to be frugal and most importantly smart about how I prioritize what I spend my money on.
Below I share with you 5 tips to save money on clothing.

New Kid on the Block: Indeed Labs. Skin Care + #ootd

Indeed Laboratories Canada, Carbana Pool Bar, Skin Care, beauty Preview, Toronto, Canadian Beauty Blogger
One of the benefits of blogging is being able to try out new goodies before they come out to the general public. I had the pleasure of hitting up the preview of Canada-based Indeed Laboratories' new skin care line at the gorgeous Cabana Pool Bar with my blogger #bff Busola from The Fashion Stir Fry. The unfortunate part was that the weather was too cold to hit the pool, but the view of the city and mingling with fellow Canadian beauty bloggers made up for that.

5 General Tips to Contouring and Highlighting

Thanks Melissa for being a model
I had the luxury of sitting in while my co worker Melissa got dolled up for a wedding. I decided to take full advantage of the opportunity to snap a picture and get some advice from my friend and makeup artist, Preet on  general tips on contouring and highlighting. Melissa really wanted a very natural look so contouring and highlighting are very subtle. Enjoy the read.