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It looks like culottes are one of the hottest trends this spring, and I was curious to see how they would work for my short frame.
The expression that things always come back into style is indeed true. I  remember my mother trying to pass down to me a bunch of her own culottes in different colors and patterns, years ago. However, we are different sizes and at the time I thought the style looked awkward.

Black Monochromatic, World Master Card Fashion Week Day 1

Monochromatic, Black, WMCFW, World MasterCard Fashion Week
This week was World Master Card fashion Week here in Toronto and although it's been really exhausting it's been a really fun experience. I attended some great shows, met some great people/fellow bloggers, and found an excuse to dress up. Yesterday, I was back at it for the last day of shows. However, I wanted to share  what I wore the first day. I only attended shows 3/5 days because of school and other commitments.

Let's Talk... 3 Tips On How To Be More Productive

3 Tips On How To Be More Productive, pink heels, distress denim
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We are living in an era where there is constant stimulation going on around us. Willpower is simply not enough sometimes and it can be hard to focus on the task at hand.

Currently Crushing on.. 3 date dresses from Le chateau

I am not ashamed to admit that I have not been on a date in a while BUT I felt that I could still share a few dresses that would make any woman feel feminine, classy and utterly irresistible.  I love these 3 dresses which are all under $100 from Le Chateau. I was recently on their website and I thought for "currently crushing on" to also give you all some date night or daytime dress ideas. For those who are in the single boat with me, you can still have fun date nights with the girls, “beat face” and hair on “fleek”.
Le chateau dress, blush night out dress, Canadian store
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The Canadian Tuxedo AKA Denim on Denim

The Canadian Tuxedo, denim on denim, floral jacket, zara jeans, pink heels,toronto style blogger

Although spring came officially on Friday, the temperatures here in Toronto have us wondering if  it's still winter. I left my house thinking that it was warm enough to rock this outfit without my winter jacket but that was not the case. So, I thought I would brave the cold for a moment and share what was underneath the jacket.

5 Toronto Area Fashion Designers You Should Know Part 1

I love the city of Toronto, although I don't technically live in the heart of it, I still consider myself from Toronto. I love the liveliness and how multicultural the city is.  Toronto also habours alot of talented indviduals such as these fashion designers listed below.

I was inspired to showcase this list through the company Runway Crush. Runway Crush  is a fashion marketplace where you can discover emerging designers first and shop their most coveted collections.   The great news is a lot of the designers  featured there are Canadian but they do have non-Canadian designers as well. So here at SMJ, we thought we should create our own list. The list is not in any particular order and includes some of the designers/brands that we personally have heard of and  think are great! The post is also in celebration of the upcoming World MasterCard Fashion Week happening next week.

1. Caitlin Power 
Caitlin Power, fashion brands, Toronto designers
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Caitlin Power is a Toronto based women’s clothing line that offers classic shapes, cuts and styles with architectural details that praise a woman’s form. They have been the talk of the town by ETalk, CBC, Elle, and Flare to name a few and have a strong presence on the runway during World MasterCard Fashion week.

Currently Crushing on.... Zara Handbags

Zara blue back pack, handbag
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So this week it’s a two for one special. I simply could not decide which one I loved best and concluded that I did not have to pick. Why not feature them both instead.


Spring floral trousers and pastels

Floral trousers, H&M pants, Pastel blue blazer, Dynamite, blush bag, Toronto blogger

Happy Tuesday! Here's a quick outfit inspired by Spring. I decided to pair together my favourite floral trousers, a baby blue blazer and a baby pink handbag. 
I'm off to class so this post will be very short and sweet! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

Book Review: The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader

The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader,John C Maxwell, Book review
Photo by Clover D
We have added a new section to the blog that we are really excited about. We will review books every other Sunday to create a different twist to the blog, to help stimulate conversations, and  get you inspired. The books will not always be on fashion related topics, but they will be on topics that will hopefully provide practical information to get you closer to reaching your goals.
Today's book/audio book is a must read for anyone in a leadership/influencer position. That may include bloggers, vloggers, managers, political figures, etc. For my fellow bloggers this review and book may provide you with insight into why people may want to follow/support your blog.

The LBJ: The Little black Jumpsuit

Recently I've been seeing jumpsuits everywhere from on television to in stores. Jumpsuits in black are quickly gaining popularity and are becoming the new must have alternative to the LBD ( little black dress). 
Jumpsuits come in various colours, styles and fabrics so there is always something for everyone.

Currently Crushing on... Laviye Court Shoes

Laviye Court Shoes, african print heels
I came across a picture of the limited edition Amelia court shoes” on Instagram and I was sold!  I am not one to drool over shoes but this one is definitely a game changer.

Fashion 9-5: Snake Print and Blush; feeling like Olivia Pope

Snake print and blush, Blush blazer, Olivia Pope inspiration, officewear, Dynamite printed top

 I don't really watch television, but I have watched a few episodes of the show "Scandal".  The fashion has undeniably become a crucial part of the show, and displays corporate fashion at it's best.  When I put together this outfit it reminded me of what I could see the main character, Olivia Pope wearing on the show. She proves that trousers can be just as sexy as dresses or skirts, while still remaining professional.

The Sweater Dress Part 1

Sweater dress, thrifted, grey, turtle neck

Being a style blogger in Toronto is not always an easy thing. Sometimes I envy the bloggers living in climates where it's always warm and the sun is always shinning. However, I'm not going to let the polar vortex stop me from expressing myself and having fun.

Consonant Skin Care: All Natural Foaming Face Wash review

100% natural skin care, consonant skin care, natural facial cleanser
   My skin is not considered sensitive but I have experienced a few occasions when my skin was irritated or I had an allergic reaction to products that I was using.  Therefore, I don't often experiment too much with products that go on my face.