My five minute foundation routine

NXY dewy finish spray, Mary Kay TimeWise liquid Foundation, Lise Watier corrector, Mary Kay Mineral foundation, benefits porefessional
I have received so many questions and comments over the years on my foundation routine. The most common questions include “are you wearing foundation?” or  “what foundation do you wear? Looking back, I realized I have never shared my routine in detail on the blog  so here it is.

Sunday's Best, the pleated skirt

pleated skirt, Black skirt, Trench coat, toronto blogger, black style blogger, Toronto street style
I originally wanted to post a causal outfit that I previewed on instagram a few days ago, but I thought it was only fitting to post this outfit i wore today instead.  I've been seeing these faux leather pleated skirts everywhere and loved the idea that they could be dressed up or down. However, when they first hit the stores, most of them were out of my budget at $50 or more! But like most things,they went on sale and I had to pick one up.

stripes, bows and a birdcage skirt

#424 fifth skirt, Stripped top, toronto blogger
 It's all about femininity and playing dainty on today's outfit post. Although,  I love  masculine elements thrown into any outfit, sometimes being a bit girly never hurts either.  I paired a bowed stripped top  with a #424 fifth birdcage skirt, and I'm loving the look. The outfit is finished off with black tights to keep the look practical for the colder months.

Fashion 9-5: The plaid blazer

Target Plaid blazer, Smart Set lace sweater, business causal, toronto blogger

The other day I had an epiphany while getting ready to head out the door for my current clinical placement for school. For years I have never had to dress up for a 9-5 type of job as I have never had one. My field of work requires me to wear uniforms and I predominantly work shift work. Now, I have to rack my brain constantly on what is considered too dressy, too flashy, but still allows me to utilize my closet and show my personality in a business causal work environment.

Currently Crushing : Raffia A.A.K.S hangbags

A.A.K.S hangbags, London, Toronto blogger, Woven handbag

This year I wanted to start a new section on the blog called “Currently crushing”. This section will showcase any cool online finds that I come across through social media or the internet that I find myself loving. Whether it be a single item or a collection, I'm opened to suggestions if you guys find anything that should be showcased please let me know.

Lace and Faux leather part 2

Lace skirt, Faux leather jacket, Wilfred moulin Dress, Aritiza Dress, BCBG  Jacket, Toronto Blogger

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and wondered, "What the heck am I going to wear?" or "I have nothing to wear!" Meanwhile that statement is far from the truth. Recently, I have been thinking of ways I can destress and de-clutter my life and the first place I'm tackling is my closet!
My goal is to own less stuff and maximize the use of the stuff I do own. The best part is  it will probably save me a lot of money and time in the long run.

A day in the office: Patterned trousers

Patterned trousers, Office wear, Trench coat, Toronto Style Blogger
I can't believe that it's January 5th already! I suppose one day slips into the next when it comes to the holiday season! I had a good start to the new year which I celebrated not so quietly at home with the family.