Spring ready: Grey and blush

grey and blush, floral blazer, pink denim, coloured denim, toronto blogger With winter in full swing I can't help but dream of warmer weather, beaches, and bright colours. Although a fresh blanket of snow can be a beautiful sight, I would not mind if spring were here right now. 

Textured faux leather jacket & animal print

Faux leather jacket, animal print, natural hair

It's been a busy and eventful Wednesday but I thought I would share a quick post of something that I wore earlier on this week. I paired a textured faux leather jacket with a black, white and yellow animal print blouse. It's still very cold outside so a winter jacket and winter accessories are still very much needed when heading outside. 

Sequins and a winter Parka

sequin pants, winter parka, Community Paradigm Parka 

When you think of sequins, you probably think of  a glamorous night out. When you think of a winter parka you may think of a causal and functional winter outfit. 

5 simple ways to ensure that your clothes look great on you!!

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In many instances, it's not merely the actually clothing item that makes us look great but a combination of how we choose to wear our favourite items in our closet. You don't have to spend a lot of money to look like you spent a lot of money. Here are five simple tips to ensure that your clothes look great on you. 

Winter Roses

Winter florals, RW&Co. dress, Winter dress, holiday dress, Smart Set blouse

It seems like ages since I have been able to post an outfit. Life has surely taken me on an interesting physical and emotional ride these past few weeks that have left me a little uninspired, and exhausted. Also, here in Toronto we have been experiencing multiple snowstorms, so leaving the house is  a mini journey in itself. However, I'm still grateful for everything that life has brought me, and the show must go on.

Product Review: Curls Unleashed Moisturizing Conditioner

curls unleashed, moisturizing conditioner, conditioning hair treatment
It's been quite awhile since I have been able to do a product review. Today’s feature is a hair product that I’m really excited about it. This review may interest those of you who have wavy, curly, course or kinky hair.