Three Ways To Wear: A Chunky Sweater Part 3

Chunky Sweater Dress, Toronto Blogger, 3 ways to wear
I hope that everyone is enjoying their holidays so far. I took a few days off from the blog to catch up on family stuff and also worked right through Christmas. 

Little Black Dress With a Twist

Little black dress, Turtleneck, Fall/Winter outfit, Toronto Style blogger, monochromatic
With new years eve quickly approaching, I am sure that the little black dress will be on most women's radar. It is versatile and doesn't require as much thought and fuss compared to other looks. Today, I took this strapless dress and winterized it for the cold by layering a striped turtle neck underneath. I then paired it with my favorite colored metallic shoe, and viola! A sophisticated outfit is born!

4 Tips & Tricks: Buying a Bra Online

4 Tips & Tricks: Buying a Bra Online, Designer intimates, Sleepwear
Pictured: Caress Seamless Strapless BraHarlow Demi Bra in Lipstick Red, and Ideal Plunge Push Up Bra 
Many of you may have seen the title and thought, "Really? Buying a bra online? Is that even possible?" Yes, it is and there are plenty of online stores that cater to those who want to shop for intimate wear from the comfort of their own homes.  For some women the mere act of driving to a store, looking for parking, and having to change in a cold change room is a definite no.

Bling: Black Sequin Leggings

Black sequin leggings, Monochrome black, Material Girl heels
Every year around this time we start to reflect on what we've done during the year. The year 2016 is only less than two weeks away, and so this is the time to quickly squeeze in some last minute memorable memories into 2015. The moments that we want to recreate, those that we want to forget and those that changed the course of our lives forever.  This year brought lots of change. Life altering change but I look forward to what the new year will bring for me ... so stay tuned.

Three Ways to Wear: A Chunky Sweater Part 2

Dynamite Chunky Sweater, Camel Coat, Toronto Blogger
I did a previous post, on styling this chunky army green sweater to show how a simple item can be styled in multiple ways. In the first post I paired the sweater with a faux army green skirt to create an army green monochromatic look, pairing different textures to make the outfit more appealing. Today, we play with rich earth tones such as tan, brown and army green.

Three Ways to Wear: A Chunky Sweater Pt. 1

Army Green Chunky Sweater, Faux Leather Skirt, Zara boots, Toronto style blogger
When it comes to buying clothes, one thing that's important to me is being able to wear an item more than once in multiple ways. How many times has anyone purchased something and found themselves wearing it only once because it was not that practical. Me! 
Being able to maximize your closet not only saves you money, but forces you to get creative and decreases clutter. 

Making a Statement: The Plaid Faux Shearling Coat

Forever 21 Plaid Faux Shearling Coat, Winter Street Fashion, Toronto Style Blogger
Have you ever been in a situation where you bought something due to a spontaneous impulse? Did you also get home and then totally regret your purchase? Join the club! That use to happen to me a lot.  I've since learned to control that because buying on impulse can be quite dangerous due to the negative impact it can have on your bank account.

NYX HD Photogenic Primer Review

NYX HD Photogenic Primer Review, Canadian beauty blogger  
I've missed doing beauty posts and reviews, so I thought today would be the perfect day to post a review on the NYX HD Photogenic Primer.  I snagged it when I went to the NYX store opening for their first free standing store in Canada.  I've been using it for a month and here are my thoughts on the product.

Getting My Faux Fur Fix with a Faux Fur Vest

 Faux Fur Vest, Over the knee boots, Toronto Style blogger
It's Monday, and I'm sure most of us had a bit of trouble getting out of bed today. I know I did because I'm still recovering from a very busy weekend. I finally made it out to do some Christmas shopping and even went to the movies. I saw Creed and would highly recommend it, if you have not already seen it. The movie was far more than just some boxing movie but it spoke on perseverance ,drive, and making the most of the time we have. I also could not help but drool the whole movie through at the site of Michael B. Jordan, his gorgeous!

All Camel Everything: Camel Coat + Dress

Camel Coat and Dress, Toronto blogger, Coach bag, Black style blogger
Happy Black Friday and I hope that those who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a great day
I'm sure most of you have seen plenty of  all black and all white looks, but how many times have we seen the all camel look? Camel is a very versatile colour that can add beautiful richness to any outfit and can be paired with multiple things.

The Patterned Trouser and Stripes + Black Friday Sale Deals

Patterned Red trousers, Striped shirt, Toronto Style blogger, Black Fashion Blogger
My stripe obsession continues in today's post with this striped black and white Zara top I wore in a previous blog post, paired with this hip patterned red trouser from the Kind Exchange. 
I've been collecting various patterned trousers for a while and these red ones were my latest addition. Why do I have a thing for patterned trousers? Well, they're a great way to upgrade a tailored look, and I love keeping things interesting.

Stripes, Camel and Ripped Black Denim

Camel Blazer, Black and white striped shirt, Ripped black jeans, Toronto style blogger, Black fashion blogger
It's me again with yet another #ootd for you all. Stripes, camel and ripped denim has been my uniform of choice until just recently when the weather took a turn for "really cold".

The Colored Wool Coat

Colored Wool Coat, Mauve,Fall outfit, Toronto Style Blogger
When you live in a colder climate like me, considering outerwear in relation to what you are wearing underneath is quite important.Investing in good outerwear will not only keep you warm but can help elevate your outfit underneath. Plus, in most cases the coat or jacket maybe the only thing that people see. For today's post  I wanted to introduce a bit of colour and show how to keep warm by styling this  mauve colored wool coat from Club Monaco that I've had for years. 

The Chic Black Bow With a White Blouse

Black bow blouse, Culottes, Toronto Style blogger, Thrift blog
The black bow with a white shirt is my favorite combination to date. I think it's because it gives off both a feminine and masculine vibe for us ladies who wouldn't be considered the extremely dainty type. I've worn the black bow and white shirt combo on a few previous blog post with a leopard blazer.

Back to the Basics: Bell Sleeve Dress

Bell Sleeve dress, Black Knit, Toronto Style Blogger
As of late I've been very picky in what I purchase now. I found my self shifting my buying habits to  buying more basic classic pieces than buying trendy pieces. However, even with basic pieces I am also looking for items that I find charming and special.

Dear Mom Jeans

Denim Mom Jeans, Slip on sneakers, Toronto blogger
Dear mom jeans, thanks for your existence because I must say your one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans that I now own.

The Navy Blue Knit Vest

The navy blue knit vest, Faux leather pants, toronto blogger, Thrifter

I absolutely love the concept of a vest, and if it were up to me I would wear one all year round. I love layering things and vests make it easier for me to effortless layer pieces without  looking too bulky.
Although, the weather has been amazing here in Toronto, it definitely wasn't short  sleeve weather for me. Missing in the pictures is a simple black jacket , but I figured I'd omit it because you will see me in all kinds of jackets and coats soon enough.

That Time of the Month: My Avalai Canada Subscription Box

It's all about girl talk, sweet treats and my Avalai Canada subscription box for today's blog post. For some woman, craving sweets particularly chocolate or candy before or during their periods is a real phenomenal. For me personally, I just crave all my favorite foods including chocolates and candy.  When "it's that time of the month"  I find nothing wrong with indulging and giving into those food cravings if it's in moderation. So, how awesome, fun and convenient would it be to receive a box that will get you through your period and still help other woman as well.

Smile Brilliant Review

Smile Brilliant Review, teeth whitening, Toronto beauty blogger
Pictured above: My own customs trays, my teeth impression, whitening gel, desensitizing gel, and impression making materials
Sincerely Miss J was contacted by a company called Smile Brilliant.com to do an honest review for their professional teeth whitening product, which includes a  tray creation kit and whitening kit. I was excited when I was asked by Jackline if I was interested in doing the review. As an avid coffee drinker, I was always looking for safe and affordable ways to whiten my teeth. I initially started using the system more than 2 months ago inconsistently, and today my teeth feel fine, and I don't have any additional teeth sensitivity using the kit. 

Houndstooth Patch Elbow Blazer

Elbow Patch Blazer, Fall Fashion, Toronto Style Blogger, African
A few years ago I had purchased this houndstooth patch work elbow blazer from the thrift store. Ever since then it has been lovingly dubbed the 'Old Man Blazer'  (or OMB for short) by my family and friends. Maybe, it does look like something your grandfather would wear but I had fallen in love with the texture, the colour, and the patches on the elbows.

Knit two-peice

Express Clothing Two piece, Crop top, midi skirt, Toronto blogger
I usually shy away from the body con fit, especially if it's a spandex material. Just because I don't find them very comfortable and appealing on me. However, when I found this ribbed crop top and midi two- piece set from Express Clothing, I knew I had to have it.

Playing with Suede and the 70s

Suede Brown Skirt, Black Style blogger, Toronto, fringe bag
  Happy Wednesday everyone! As you may have noticed I'm back with another post because I now have a bit more free time to focus on a few other things! That means I can invest more energy into the blog and create more content on a more frequent and consistent bases.  

5 Tips for choosing the right workout gear for you

4 Tips for choosing the right workout gear for you, Goty Goty Anaconda Pant, Stretchers running shoes, Toronto Blogger

It's still shocking that these pictures were taken less than 2 weeks ago before my run because of how   cold it is now.
  Ever since starting graduate school back in September, I haven't been my active self due to the workload and stress. So, when I finished in August I made it my mission to slowly transition back to my old active self.

Khaki Monochrome

Khaki Culottes street style, Coach bag, Fall Fashion 2015, Toronto blogger
The color khaki has never been a color I have ever really worn or cared to wear. I usually prefer army green and deeper browns, but when I saw these culottes I thought why not. I then came across this beautiful khaki silk top and voila, an outfit was created.

Faux Leather Joggers: Feeling very Kanye

Faux leather joggers, leopard bag, Kanye West Inspired outfit, Toronto Blogger
I've been on the search for either a pair of leather or faux leather pants for awhile. So how hysterical was I when I came across this pair while thrift shopping in Soho, New York City last month? Very hysterical.

Fashion For A Good Cause: "Fashion IZ Freedom" Tee

Fashion IZ Freedom Tee, IZ Collection, Access10
How great is it when you can express yourself through fashion and style while still helping a great cause. You may have seen me rocking this " Fashion IZ Freedom" Tee, along side other  awesome people on instagram. The tees are part of a new campaign to put the spot light on accessibility. Izzy Camilleri, designer and founder of IZ, a provider of sophisticated and functional clothing for individuals using wheelchairs, is proud to announce a new campaign to raise funds and awareness for accessibility called Access10.

Essence Cosmetics : 5 products that will not break the bank, My Picks!

Essence Cosmetics, lip gloss, duo 3d eyeshadow, gel nail polish, lipstick

I have wanted to do this post for so long and it's very much overdue. Beauty has been neglected on this blog because for me when it comes to beauty and reviews I want to hold my readers down with as much honest and detailed information as I can. With all the past "issues" I have not been able to focus on that part which is a section I really love until now.

Blast from the Past: Inspired by the 70s

70s trend 2015, Flare Jeans, Fringe, off shoulder blouse
 If I was not born in the late 80s I would have loved to have been around during the 70s. I love the 70s because it appeared to be very laid back compared to now. I also loved how expressive and eclectic fashion was.

Style Me Ankara: Ankara Patterned Skirt Part 2

So clearly, I did not get the memo that summer is gone and fall is here with this outfit. However, I can explain! Firstly, I loved this outfit way too much for it to slip away and secondly the weather has been behaving as if it was still summer.

A Causal Reflection: Off Duty Look

White Pants Street Style, Botton up, Genometric shape clutch, Toronto Blogger
In all honesty I was not going to publish this post. I thought "this is such a boring outfit combination, and it's only a running around doing errands in an outfit I threw together".
Then it dawned on me, I'm not always dressed up or in heels in a post worthy outfit. I have my baseline style for work and play. I also have my off duty periods where I go to the movies, go for causal lunches or go to the grocery store with no calculated thought to what I'm wearing. So, I thought why not share one of those moments with you today.

Classic & Minimalist: Black and White

Black jumpsuit and White Vest,Minimalist, monochrome, Toronto blogger
It's already mid September which means summer is slowly coming to an end. I'm sad but at the same time I'm secretly grinning because with cooler temperatures comes layering and some awesome autumn trends such as high waisted cropped trousers, suede, fringe, culottes, and flares, yes please!!

5 Ways to Save Money on Clothing + Ootd Banana Republic Rugby-Stripe Shift

Banana Republic Rugby-Stripe Shift, 5 tips to save money on clothing, workwear dress, toronto blogger
Many people assume that I'm well off  because they think that I have a lot of disposable income to spend on my wardrobe . However, that is not true because my budget for clothing, jewelry, and other accessories is actually quite limited.  Therefore, I've learned to be frugal and most importantly smart about how I prioritize what I spend my money on.
Below I share with you 5 tips to save money on clothing.

New Kid on the Block: Indeed Labs. Skin Care + #ootd

Indeed Laboratories Canada, Carbana Pool Bar, Skin Care, beauty Preview, Toronto, Canadian Beauty Blogger
One of the benefits of blogging is being able to try out new goodies before they come out to the general public. I had the pleasure of hitting up the preview of Canada-based Indeed Laboratories' new skin care line at the gorgeous Cabana Pool Bar with my blogger #bff Busola from The Fashion Stir Fry. The unfortunate part was that the weather was too cold to hit the pool, but the view of the city and mingling with fellow Canadian beauty bloggers made up for that.

5 General Tips to Contouring and Highlighting

Thanks Melissa for being a model
I had the luxury of sitting in while my co worker Melissa got dolled up for a wedding. I decided to take full advantage of the opportunity to snap a picture and get some advice from my friend and makeup artist, Preet on  general tips on contouring and highlighting. Melissa really wanted a very natural look so contouring and highlighting are very subtle. Enjoy the read.


Safari Chic

safari shirt dress, Toronto Style blogger, Anansi Handbag
One of the many items on my bucket list is to jet off to Kenya or Tanzania to experience a safari. The most appealing thing about a safari for me is seeing wild life in their own natural habitat instead of visiting the zoo. 
Going on a Safari has been something that I've always wanted to do since I was little. I would constantly watch the discovery channel dreaming about how great the experience would be. 

Lolë White Tour Toronto, #so awesome

 Lolë White Tour Toronto, Yoga Session, Active wear
Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Lolë White Tour hosted by the athletic brand Lolë. It was the biggest yoga party in Toronto with over 2,000 yoga enthusiasts gathering at the beautiful Fort York. All attendees were

The Neon Look

Style Me Ankara, African printed skirt, neon yellow blouse, Toronto style blogger
A perfect outfit combination for the summer months is something that's bright and breezy. Therefore, this neon outfit sure did hit the spot. 

African Fashion Week Toronto 2015

African Fashion Week Toronto, #afwt
Photo by Clover D
It's that time of year again and the 3rd annual African Fashion Week Toronto is back from August 13th- 16th. I've attended this event every year, and I know you guys always enjoy the coverage. You can check out last year's  African Fashion Week Toronto 2014 coverage here.
This year I was also nominated for the African Fashion Industry Awards 2015 for best fashion blogger taking place August 16th, 2015, and I'm still blushing from being nominated with some awesome people. 

Summer floral

floral trousers ASOS, black vest, Toronto blogger
Florals in the summer, yes, totally groundbreaking right? Not really, but at this point if you want to wear it, just wear it.
The other day I had a very interesting conversation with someone about why I was so obsessed with taking pictures of myself for the blog which made me look so vain.

Summer Neutrals With Jord

Jord woodwatch, 424 fifth skirt, Toronto style blogger, fringe bag

 Ever since I've received my Jord Wood Watch, I have not been able to take it off.  I've been obsessed with the neutral, sleek, and modern design that easily goes with everything in my closet. The most impressive thing is all of their watches are made of 100% natural sourced wood from across the globeI'm sure if you think of accessories, wood is often not the first material you think of. However, the maple and silver in this cause was a perfect combination. 

Skechers #ShoecationSweeps Contest

SKECHERS shoes, ShoecationSweepsCanada, Contest 2015

I hope you guys know that  Miss J always has your back, so I thought I would share a contest currently going on with Skechers Canada until August 28th. 

Product Review: Mild Papaya Peeling Exfoliant

THEFACESHOP Papaya Peeling Mask, beauty review, facial

Going wild: The Zebra Print Skirt

Express Zebra Print Skirt, Crop Top, Faux Leather jacket

Day Time Sequins: The Sequin Blouse

Sequin blouse, black culottes, Toronto Style Blogger

It's been a while since I've been able to blog due to medical reasons which have settled down for now. So, I thought I would come back with this funky #ootd just in time to celebrate Canada Day without the traditional red and white elements.

Comfortable is My New Thing- The Denim Dress

Denim Dress, Toronto Blogger, Sliver flats

I was recently asked by a friend why I was always wearing looser fitting clothing and why I never showed my curves. I simply replied that I feel better when I'm completely confident and comfortable in what I'm wearing out in public.

My Hair Secret Revealed... Mane and More Hair Review

Mane and More Hair Review, Kinky Curly, Toronto Blogger

The Cargo jumpsuit

Cargo jumpsuit, Anansi bag, Toronto blogger, Natural hair

This cargo jumpsuit was something completely out of my comfort zone but it spoke to me and the price was right. Lately, I've been really liking the concept of jumpsuits because you literally have one item to worry about. I like the concept so much I bought another jumpsuit in black, and a cargo romper.

Some Items Have a Story... The Patterned Skirt

Patterned African Print Skirt, Ankara, Toronto style blogger

Do you own items that carry a little story behind them? That every time you reach for them you are reminded of the story that is attached to them?

My feet Don't Like Heels Anymore: Sporty Chic

nike roshe run, shift dress, Toronto street style, sporty chic
It seems that my feet don't like heels anymore and neither does my back.  So, I've been trying to find ways to incorporate flats and comfort into my everyday style.

Ajepomaa Patterned Skirt via Kuwala and Stripes

Kuwala Patterned Skirt, stripe dress shirt, african print, Toronto blogger, african style blogger, Ajepomaa
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and is catching up on some much needed R&R. 
The other day I was speaking to a friend who was expressing how difficult it was to re-wear outfits after posting them on social media.