Monochromatic look with Forest green

Monochromatic with Forest green, black blogger,green pencil skirt
Have I ever mentioned how much I love the monochromatic look? Although, I do have a sincere soft spot for a vibrant pattern here or there, I always enjoy simplicity.

Four Tips to help Transition into Fall with Kuwala Inc

Kuwala Inc, Mayamiko Designed, Sundance shift dress, African Clothing

  Today it's all about transitional fashion--specifically for the transition from summer to fall. Although there are only a few days left of summer, it's felt like fall here for some weeks now. Since reality has not yet hit me, I still have been wearing some of my favorite summer pieces with a few tweaks here and there.

Playing with Camouflage print

Camouflage print pants, black style blogger, toronto style blogger
It appears that camouflage print is making a comeback during this Fall season or at least in my world it is! For those of you who don't know what camouflage print is, it's the print that is often associated with the army.However, today it's the  focal point in this outfit.

Camouflage print pants, black style blogger, toronto style blogger

Mixing Prints

Mixing Print outfit, Anansi bag, Patterned bag, black style blogger, African print
Mixing Prints can be difficult and overwhelming for some. However, the end result if done right has the potential to translate into a wonderful work of art, and add an  extra "wow" factor to any outfit. 
For today's outfit I decided to salute the last few weeks of summer with a vibrant play on prints. 


The Zebra Print Blazer

The Zebra Print Blazer, Black style blogger,black and white outfit
I love the simplicity and freshness of wearing black and white. I also admire those individuals who have the creativity to wear these two shades exclusively in all their outfits and still make it look new and exciting. For me, I always need a little pop of color in my life.