Youth Love Fashion, Toronto

Youth Love Fashion, Toronto event, fashion Toronto

It always melts my heart when I get an opportunity to support a project that helps someone’s vision come to life. What I love about fashion and styling is not only the chance to wear wonderful garments but the ability to express myself to the world, and speak to others without any verbal communication. So, how awesome would it be to design and build something from stretch and showcase your hard work to a bigger audience? Last month this group of young designers had the opportunity to find out.

Youth Love Fashion, Toronto event, fashion Toronto
Youth Love Fashion, Toronto event, fashion Toronto

The Youth Love Fashion is an event that celebrates Canadian fashion for all ages. Youth Love Fashion united youth and their families, politicians, local celebrities and youth-focused agencies and community partners to shine a spotlight on 11 talented student designers who have overcome adversity - from blindness to bullying to financial hardship - and honed their skills during a free five-month student fashion program.

The event took place at the beautiful InterContinental Toronto Centre’s Azure restaurant. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, high energy, finger foods, and sweet treats. Throughout the evening guests were entertained by great performances, live music by youth musicians and a “runway walk-off” competition hosted by drag queen Tynomi Banks. Lastly, the youth show cased their designs where they had an opportunity to design dresses for women who inspired them. The dresses were then modeled by those role models  including- the honourable Jean Augustine (former Canadian politician).

Youth Love Fashion, Toronto event, fashion Toronto
Youth Love Fashion, Toronto event, fashion Toronto
Youth Love Fashion, Toronto event, fashion Toronto
All Pictures by Miss J- Pictured above Jean Augustine
I think if I had a chance to create a garment for someone that I looked up to I would design a garment for one of my best friends who has gone through a lot difficult situations in her life. The most amazing thing is although she has gone through so much adversity she still remains strong and positive which inspires me to push harder every day. Love you J!

I had a delightful time and if you ever get an opportunity to attend the show next year be prepared for an afternoon showcasing great talent. If you can't attend this particular show there are many ways to support this one and others shows just like it in your own communities ( ex. spreading the word)

If you had an opportunity to design a garment for a loved one who inspires you,who would it be? Leave your comments below.

Until Next time,

Sincerely Miss J
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