Shades of Grey

Shades of grey outfit, Toronto blogger, faux fur vest, monochromatic

What do my skinny denim jeans, my sweater, and my faux fur vest all have in common? They all have some form of grey in them!

Youth Love Fashion, Toronto

Youth Love Fashion, Toronto event, fashion Toronto

It always melts my heart when I get an opportunity to support a project that helps someone’s vision come to life. What I love about fashion and styling is not only the chance to wear wonderful garments but the ability to express myself to the world, and speak to others without any verbal communication. So, how awesome would it be to design and build something from stretch and showcase your hard work to a bigger audience? Last month this group of young designers had the opportunity to find out.


color Infusion

Kwesiya, African print print, Toronto Blogger, Black style blogger

I knew it would not be long until I ran back to color and patterns. Reviewing the last few outfit posts  I noticed that I have been in a neutral color palette mood wearing a lot of black, white, grey, and brown. However, recently I have been really craving some color and fun back into my wardrobe, hence why this outfit was created! The oranges, reds, and burgundies blended beautifully together
making it perfect for autumn.

The textured Skirt

Textured Skirt, Joe Fresh sweater, Toronto Street Style, Black style blogger

Today on the blog  I'm "skirting" my way between autumn and winter with this outfit of the day. We had one single day of warmer than usual weather and I decided to engage in the task of wearing a skirt with bare legs. I paired this textured skirt with a simple  sweater, and white button up shirt.

The textured  skirt originally caught my eye because of it's subtle, intricate and embossed detailing. Although, I already owned a plain black skirt this one has proven to be more  versatile. The pattern and texture of the skirt can easily be worn to a causal, semi- causal, or a semi-formal event.

5 benefits to wearing hair extensions with Mane & More

Mane & More, hair extension companies, Toronto hair compaines

Mane & More is a Canadian supplier of 100% human hair extensions sourced from around the world. Their selection process is thorough to ensure that the quality of the hair supplied is of great quality. They are committed to providing premium quality hair extensions for various hair textures at affordable prices.

Faux Fur Vest: A causal encounter

Grey Faux Fur Vest, Red Keds, Toronto Blogger, Black style blogger, Winter outfit

Cold weather is here to stay in Toronto! Unfortunately, even with the cold, errands must be completed, assignments must be handed in, and we all must go about our daily business. Even if staying in bed all day may seem like a better option. When we do venture out into the cold, it's tempting to wear jogging pants or PJs under our coats to stay warm and comfy but let's try really hard not to do that.

Black and white

Reitmans blazer vest, Joe fresh sweater, Toronto blogger, black and white outfit, black style blogger

Anytime I get lazy or uninspired to come up with some sort of outfit, I find myself gravitating to white and black. It's simple but chic and effortless, and sometimes we often need something effortless during our busy days. The outfit is easy to reproduce and can be worn to various occasions.
My favourite piece in this outfit was the black vest that I purchased at Reitmans some months ago. It's  one of my mother's favourite stores so when I spotted the goodies she brought home I had to make a trip myself. The store has really transformed into a really hip place to shop for causal and office wear in various sizes.

Gilding the Lily

Gilding the Lily, Toronto Distillery District, luxurious jewelry store, Toronto blogger

I must admit I’m a total home body and as a result I have been really clueless about all the awesome things taking place in Toronto . Therefore, when the opportunity to attend a piecing party (ears only) at Gilding the Lily presented itself I was all for it. Gilding the Lily is a luxurious jewelry store located in Toronto’s historic and beautiful  Distillery District. I had never been to neither place so it was a great opportunity to get out, sight see and enjoy/play dress up with some beautiful jewelry.

Revamp your Coat: Belt it

Wool Coat, World Master Card Toronto Fashion Week, Toronto Blogger, Black style blogger, Thrift shopping

As you may know I'm an avid thrift/vintage shopper. However, I'm extremely particular about which thrift stores I shop at and I find myself only going into the Salvation Army by my house. As a result, it's usually a hit or miss when it comes to the stuff I find. This time I scored big at a recent 50% off sale where I spotted this gorgeous grey 100% wool coat. Everything was perfect; the color, the length, the condition of the coat, and it was my size--except it gave me no shape.Because I'm a stubborn individual there was no way I was leaving without it, I was determined to make it work and make it a staple piece in my wardrobe. So I decided to belt it and suddenly all my problems went away.