African Fashion Week Toronto 2014

African Fashion Week Toronto 2014,Kadeem Faustin, AFWT2014
Photo Credit: smissj designer Kadeem Faustin
African Fashion Week; an explosion of colors, unconventional silhouettes, and the fearless ability to mix different materials and patterns. These are just some of the things to expect if you ever get a chance to attend any African Fashion Week. If fashion is a type of expression and a form of art to you,  you will definitely appreciate this post.


Tweed Blazer & Faux Leather Shorts in the Summer?

Greetings everyone! I know I have been a bad blogger lately by disappearing on you guys.Unfortunately, I needed some time to focus on work, and to review some course material before the start of the new school year.
Today's outfit post is a bit of a strange one. It incorporates some unconventional fabric choices that are usually a no-no in the Summer months. However, here in Toronto last week was feeling more like late September with cooler than usual temperatures. Therefore, pairing a tweed blazer with faux leather shorts in the Summer seemed appropriate.


Denim Jacket & Sequin Skirt

Denim Jacket, Sequin Skirt
Today's outfit is a causal look with a kick. Ever thought to pair a causal denim jacket with a glamorous sequin skirt? Well now you can! 
The look is perfect for an afternoon lunch on some gorgeous patio or strolling through exhibits at your local museum. The denim jacket and sequin skirt combo was created in an effort to wear this Express skirt more. The best part is the skirt can easily be utilized for a night time look.


Radiant like the SunSet

Color blocking yellow, pink and orange
When it comes to planning outfits for any type of media event I always feel an added pressure to look the part. I'm not a stylist but just a woman who loves the art of putting looks together. However, the title "personal style blogger" can make you feel like people expect a lot from you in terms of your ability to constantly have something "stylish to wear".
When I was first brainstorming outfit ideas for this year's African Fashion Week Toronto event, I was completely lost on what to wear. I quickly realized that sometimes you need to think outside the box, take personal risks, and stay true to yourself.

The Cobalt blue dress

Cobalt blue dress

The color cobalt blue is known for being a very electrifying color. If you are the kind of person that merely wants to blend into the crowd, then this color is definitely not for you. Cobalt blue is also a color that I have never been in love with and have never owned until now.

The informal Tuxedo Dress

Tuxedo Dress

It's a great feeling when you find a hidden treasure, and that awesome feeling hit me the other day when I found this informal tuxedo dress at the thrift store. I call it an informal tuxedo dress because it has a similar silhouette as an actually tuxedo dress but the finishing and fabric are very causal.