Toronto Bloggers' Conference

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I attended a blog conference in Toronto. It was my first event that I attended that consisted of only bloggers. It was intimate which made it a perfect environment to chat, network and discuss personal goals and frustrations encountered with blogging. The conference reinforced why I began this blog in the first place, which was to dabble into the art of styling and fashion. As well as inspire others, and meet great people. Therefore, thank you to all that follow me and stay tuned for more updates and outfit ideas. Those who are not yet following, please do!
Now back to the conference. I met some wonderful bloggers and had a really nice time. I encourage you all to participate in your local blogger meet ups. So, please enjoy the pictures. I shall be back again real soon.

Pictured from left to right ( Event planner and blogger Brenda C from can never be a skinny bish, Allison from let's talk fashion, Me, Kay, Rita from Putting on the Ritzz, and Amarachi from Aesir Republic.

Unfortunately, some of the other bloggers were not pictured above because they had to leave before the picture was taken. On this particular day I aimed for comfort only and decided to go really causal, which is code for I got really lazy to actually dress up and wear heels. It had also been raining a lot that day as well.

I would like to give a big thank you to Brenda C who took the photos
Until Next time
Sincerely Miss J
Outfit Information: Jacket: Urban Planet, T- shirt and Shoes ( GEOX): Thrifted, shorts: Blue Notes,  Bag: Coach

The Lace Affair

Hello Everyone,

I am  back with another outfit post, however before I get into it, I would like to thank everyone for the support and comments. I would also like to thank Brenda C for featuring me on her top 40 female style bloggers list, it really means a lot. Please check her out at can never be a skinny bish   and another thank you to the lovely Sally from  gold couture ,
for nominating me for a Liebster Award. So please go check her blog out, the tag for the award will be coming soon.

Today's outfit focuses on a dress that I purchased at Winners not to long ago. What drew me to  it was its impressive lace detailing. I then paired it up with a pair of colour block  heels and a blazer draped over the shoulders just in case I  need it.

Thank you for visiting
Sincerely Miss J

Outfit Information: Blazer: Zara, Dress and Heels: Winners, Belt: Belt: Dynamite, Watch: MK

The Thrifted Wonder!!!

Hello Everyone, 
                I am back with another outfit, it's something very simple. However, what makes it interesting is that a majority of it is thrifted, can you tell?  If you read my blog regularly, you know that I rarely buy things at regular price, and I am always looking for a deal and quality. The key to achieving this  is having vision and patience.

 The blazer (Mexx), t- shirt, and shorts were all under $10.00.

In terms of my hair, I don't know what is going on with it. All I know is this month marks year two of going natural. It's not my first time but I think it's the longest I have gone without running back to the chemicals. So, time will tell.
Until Next time 
Sincerely Miss J

Outfit Information: blazer, t-shirt,shorts: thrifted, necklace: Fairweather, Shoes: warehouse sale ( Guess).


black, white, camel, and maybe red

Hello Everyone,
Here is another outfit post that is short and sweet. I love the look of camel, black and white together, so hence the combination.

Until Next time,
Sincerely Miss J 
Outfit Information: Blazer, Shirt, bag: thrifted, shorts: Urban Planet, Shoes: Guess  warehouse sale

Gold and Silver

Hello Everyone, 

Had such a busy week but happy that it has finally slowed down. The sun is shining and the weather is beautiful! Here is a quick outfit post. I got these pants from Zara awhile ago but never had a chance to blog about them until today. Have you ever heard the expression that silver and gold don't go together? Well not in my own world, and I think they went just fine together in this post.

Hope You all enjoyed the outfit, See you Friday with another post
Come back soon, 
Sincerely Miss J
Outfit Information: Shoes ( ? old), Pants: Zara, Shirt: Mother closet, Blazer: Thrifted, Bag: gifted