Spring Preview!!

Hello Everyone, 

 So sorry that I have disappeared into the real world, school and work have been kicking my butt as of late. However, the end of school is somewhat near, well kind of! I am actually running to the library right now, and thought let me post this outfit post before I completely forget about it. Due to my crazy schedule, I now plan my outfits in advance and take pictures of them so I remember the combo I put together. Let me tell you, this planning business really helps.

So here is a simple  outfit in celebration of spring, which officially starts today. However, with the snow and major cold this week and yesterday, I will predict that spring weather may come much later this year. Now onto the outfit, my favorite part about this outfit is the Mango skirt, which I scored at the thrift store's 50% off sale awhile back. So I think it was no more than $3.

Anyways, Hope you enjoy the post!
Love Miss J
Outfit Information: Jacket: Zara, Blouse: Modestar, Necklace: little burgundy, Skirt: Thrifted, Heels: Guess


Thrift Store Finds

Hello Everyone, 

       I am back with a quick haul post. I was given the suggestion from some of my friends to post my beloved thrift store finds. Thought it was a good idea for you guys to be able to see what I got. All of the items  are from  Value Village's 50% off sale that they recently had.

Why do you thrift Shop?
When I thrift shop I often find amazing quality items for low prices.Thrifting also allows me to keep up with the current trends and find unique items without breaking the bank.
 Many people have the misconception that when you thrift, you can only discover vintage items. This is not necessarily  true, you can find current trends and basics if you know how to look. As you can see from my blog I am a thrifter but I am not really into vintage wear. So, now we move onto the haul.

Tommy Hilfiger shorts, almost brand new

RW & Co. blazer brand new
brand New
Loved these pointed black low heels
Brand new
I will be doing some alterations to the dress and black and white shorts. So, please stay tuned to see how I style these items

Hope you enjoy the haul until next time
Sincerely Miss J