Holiday Glam

Hello everyone,

Tis the season to flaunt your holiday glam looks! When I think of holiday glam, I think of sparkles, beading and sequins. So what fun  it was to have this week's theme for Thrift Thursday be holiday glam.This outfit is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, and can be worn to Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties and gatherings,  or a semi-formal New Years eve event.  I purchased the top at a hip secondhand store in downtown Toronto. The skirt is actually a dress, that I purchased a while back, but I decided to throw the beaded top over  the dress to make it look like a skirt. I decided also to pair the outfit with boots for a more causal look and because it' s really cold here.
What are your thoughts on the outfit? What are your go-to items to add holiday glam to your look?
Also, I want to wish all my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving , please be safe.

photo of holiday glam
holiday glam
holiday glam
Sequins and beading
Sequins and beading
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Outfit Information
Leather Jacket: Guess
Top:The Black Hole (vintage store)
Dress:Urban Behaviour
Handbag: thrifted

Faux Leather,Leather and Winter Weather, Oh My!

Hello Everyone, happy Thursday!!

Although, it’s still Fall, Winter weather has slowly been sneaking up on us here in the North. Therefore, my new best friends are warm coats capable of shielding me from dropping temperatures. Therefore, today’s thrift Thursday theme is outerwear.

I don’t own many thrifted outerwear items but this coat caught my eye. I love it, because it’s versatile. I can wear it with a causal outfit or dress it up without compromising warmth. I wore this outfit the second day of the conference with modifications. The day of the conference, the weather was warm, so I wore booties. I also wore a larger black handbag instead of the over the knee boots and a red handbag. This look consists of a faux leather skirt and leather knee high boots that give the outfit an edgy look. 

faux leather skirt and boots

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Outfit Information
Coat: thrifted
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Dynamite
Skirt: thrifted
Boots: Zara
Handbag: Winners ( DKNY)


Spark Session: A fashion & Beauty Blogger conference

Greetings everyone,
This year I decided to attend the first annual Spark Sessions fashion and beauty blogger conference, which took place in Toronto at the Centre for Social Innovation from Nov. 16-17. I never imagined myself going to an event like this for blogging, but it made sense for individuals to gather together with similar interests and exchange information, so I opted to go. The conference was two days full of networking and hearing from expert panels. They covered many diverse topics, from branding to Public Relations. We also heard from two iconic Canadian women, Jeanne Beker and Elaine Lui, also known as lady gossip, who shared their wisdom about the industry. During the event we also had a chance to sample some amazing makeup products and chat with some representatives  from the conference’s major sponsors: Smart Set, Almay cosmetics, Tria, Benefit cosmetics, Blossom lounge, Charming Media, Pure + simple, Spa finder, Fresita, and Bio Seaweed Gel. Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments were included and on Saturday there was an after party, which included manicures and cupcakes! Lastly, we received some amazing swag bags, full of goodies!
This conference held true to its name by sparking inspiration and good conversation for many bloggers at different levels. It also opened my eyes to the whole technical side of the industry, and how much bigger this community really is. Enjoy the pictures and scroll to the end where I will share some tips that I learned from the event to all my readers. I encourage you all to attend this conference last year, and if you are not living close by, I encourage you to make the effort to attend one in your area.

5 Tips to take your blog to a new level
1.      One word: social media. Utilize it to reach out to more people, but make sure you connect it back to your blog
2.      Take risks-- “"If you are looking for success...you have to color outside the lines and blaze new trails"-Jeanne Beker
3.      You and your blog are brands, so be aware of your conduct
4.      Aesthetics and content are important
5.      When wanting to work with a brand, do not go to the brand directly, find the PR  company behind the brand.

Until Next time
Sincerely Miss J 
Picture Provided by Gretchen


A Masculine Flair- TTs

Hello ladies and gents,
It's Thursday and I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by. As you know, today is thrift Thursday's (TTs) and today's theme is menswear.
So, if you missed the whole concept behind thrift Thursdays (TTs) here it is: it's a day where some other bloggers and I, share one or a few of our thrift finds, and style it according to the theme. For me personally, I love mixing my thrift finds and things I buy at regular stores. Building your wardrobe and style should never hold you back if you are on a budget. Mixing high and lows, and rocking it confidently is all you need. If you want to join please add me on 
twitter: https://twitter.com/sincerelymissj
Now, onto the main order of business. When, I think of menswear, I picture a tailored power suit. Unfortunately, my dream power suit would be fitted and patterned but I'm still searching for it. Instead I opted for separates with a navy blue blazer and forest green dress pants. I really enjoyed this outfit combination and felt so lady like in it, even though it had a bit of a masculine flair. On this particular day it was really cold and windy so I threw my jacket over my shoulders.

Like the menswear look? Here are some tips to help create your own chic outfit

1.  Don't loose yourself in the fit: Try slim fitting trousers and tailored blazers
2. Opt for heels rather then flats: it elongates the legs
3. Add a girly element: here I opted for a flower patterned  shirt. However, the possibilities are endless. Ex. add a statement necklace or the color pink. 

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 Hoped you enjoyed the post
I shall be back very soon, so keep visiting
Outfit Information:
Blouse: Mode Star
Blazer (United Colors of Benetton)- Thrifted 
Coat: Anne Klein
Pants: (TopShop)- Thrifted 
Heels: Thrifted 
Bag: Kijiji


Thrift Thursdays-Hats

Hello everyone, I am back with another edition of thrift Thursdays. Today, it's all about the hats! Now, I know in less than 1 hour it will be Friday, but it's still technically Thursday so I still have good timing. Before I get started, I would like to take the time to thank everyone for the support and kind words, it means the world! 
Today's outfit is a take on a more masculine silhouette
and is all about the layering. With winter quickly approaching, layering is usually the best way to go, and if done well can add interest, depth, and warmth to any outfit. 

Please check out the other participants of Thrift Thursday and see how their rocked a hat

Until, next time
Outfit Information:
Blazer, Sweater, Boots & hat: Thrifted 
Jeans: Miss sixty (Warehouse)
Bag: Kijiji

Falling into Winter

Hello all my lovelies, I have returned to you all with another outfit of the day.  This outfit is very causal and easy to achieve. You want a chic look to roam around town doing errands in? I present you with this one. If you want to keep things interesting, don't be afraid to play with texture and colour. I choose to go with a print blazer with faux leather-esque sleeves to jazz up the basics.

Until Next time, 
Sincerely Miss J
Outfit Information:
T-shirt: Mode Star
Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Blazer & booties (old): Winners
Pants: Thrifted: Zara