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Hello Everyone, 
Life lessons are revealed in many situations and experiences. I have come to realize even something as simple as blogging can do this. For me the blog has brought self realization and confidence and I'm very excited that you all could share it with me. So, I ask you all, what has your blog brought to your life? I would love to hear your responses, please leave your comments in the comment box below. If your shy, no problem, it's a great question to reflect on privately.
Today's outfit showcases a beautiful patterned top and bright coloured shorts. My sister and I decided to get out and take a stroll by the lake.

Until Next time,
Sincerely Miss J

Outfit Information: shirt: Zara | shorts: H&M |  sandals: Fairweather| Bag &Belt : thrifted | sunglasses & watch : Somewhere in ChinaTown| Neon sunglasses: gifted | Bracelet: Vacation in DR

Week of Review in Photos

Hello Everyone, 
This week has gone by so fast, and the thought of summer ending soon is making me very sad. However, that is more reason for me and anyone else feeling the same way to utilize what is left of it. This post will display a few personal pictures of some of the things that I have been up to this week and early last week and what is to come. Stay tuned.

1. Lunch at Oliver & Bonacini, Downtown Toronto
2. Lunch with some fellow bloggers, Brenda ,Uju , Vivian , Victoria 
3. Being attacked by a puppy, he started it, lol
4.Next ootd preview
5. Some recent purchases from the thrift store | Zara yellow blazer| h&m blouse| 
stay tuned for the how to thrift post coming up
Until Next time,
Sincerely Miss J


Hello Everyone, 

I have been away from the blog for too long because I was attending to some personal matters, but I am back now. I really wish I could live in this blog world forever, not have to work, not have to attend school, not have to go through the up and downs of dealing with people in my social circle, and best of all not have to keep track of all the bills I owe. So, with so much to think about sometimes, you just want to head out with some good company and not really worry about anything. Just keep it simple and comfortable.
Today's outfit is not really summery, as defined by bright colours and prints, but infused with black and grey. However, it worked for me. Once again the sun shone in full force, so I opted to protect myself with a hat and sun glasses. 
We went out to lunch and of course the selection process was the worst for me, I never know what to get! The lunch date was with fellow fashion bloggers. That  post is coming soon but until then, this is what I wore.

Photos by:  Brenda C
Outfit Information: Hat: Winners, T-shirt: Dynamite, Vest, bag, shoes, shorts: Thrifted, Sunglasses: China Town


Hello Everyone,

 I would to take the time to thank all the followers and  those who have taken the time to leave a comment on my little old blog. I really appreciate it. I do read them all and they really do make my day.
THANK YOU. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me at:sincerelymissj@hotmail.com

The weather  in  my area lately, has been
 hot! However, I'm not complaining because we had rain and cloudy overcast for a week straight prior to that. With that being said, it's really important to protect yourself from the sun if you know you  will be sitting in it directly for a long period of time. On this particular day I was heading to a birthday party  taking place at a outdoor lounge area by the lake. The place was very classy and unfortunately I could not bring my  camera in to capture the elegance. It was basically one big pool party.

I choose to wear this shirt that I recently purchased on sale, and was drawn to it by the strips and colour.

Until next time,
Sincerely Miss J
Outfit Information: Hat: Dynamite, Shirt: Urban Planet, Shorts: Blue Notes, Shoes: thrifted (Aldo).

Its just me and my boyfriend......Jeans

Hello everyone,

I am back with a quick outfit post, this time it's just me and my boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans have been trending for multiple seasons, and are probably here to stay. I don't mind throwing them on from time to time. I love the looser fit which makes them very wearable and comfortable during a cooler summer night.
Things have been quite hectic so I have been missing in action for a little bit. However, no matter what life throws at you, you must always bounce back.

Until Next time,
Sincerely Miss J
Outfit Information: T-shirt: Dynamite, Jeans: Thrifted, heels: Zara

Pink and Polka Dot

Hello everyone,

 Today's outfit features one of my favorite thrift store finds. This beautiful maxi dress was purchased at Goodwill for $4 at its 50% off sale.  That day, I only purchased the dress and didn't even try it on prior to purchasing it. The place was a zoo, the line was so long and I was really thinking of walking out of the store without the dress. However, as I held the dress against myself to decide, a little old woman walked past and said "that dress was made for you, you must get it". So, I listened to the wise elder and got the dress, and I'm so glad I did!

 The colour of the dress is gorgeous and the white polka dots really give it a modern feel. I also love  the shape and cut of the dress, which I find really flattering for many body types. Also the dress can be made shorter or turned into a romper with strong sewing skills ( that I do not have).

Until next time, 
Sincerely Miss J 
Outfit Information: Hat: Dynamite,  Dress, Bag, flats: Thrifted

Thrifted Wonder Pt. 2

Hello  everyone,
 Today's outfit is simple, comfortable and completely thrifted. As, you may or may not know, I' m a pretty hardcore thrifter. I usually like to mix pieces that I buy at thrift stores with higher end pieces. However, today's outfit from top to bottom was completely thrifted and was under $35, including the Nine West bone coloured heels that I scored brand new at Goodwill.
The skirt is a FILA, tennis skirt and  yes I'm wearing shorts underneath, lol. I'm really digging this skirt because it can be worn with heels like shown below or a t- shirt and sneakers for a more causal look. So many endless possibilities. The skirt is very similar to the tennis skirts currently selling at American Appeal for $54 and up. Anyways, hope you enjoy the outfit and your day.

 photo bd4c0a37-9940-42f3-9f4e-1fa2c810341a.jpg

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Outfit Information: blouse, belt,skirt, heels: thrifted