Blazer Obession

Hey Everyone,
Just here with a quick outfit post of the day, it is a causal look that I wore a few weeks ago. Everything is thrifted except for the winter jacket, bag and coloured jeans. I love this look because it's the perfect example of how you can mix more expensive things with less expensive things. The ultimate steal was the boots that I scored for $9.00, pretty much brand new in the summer. The irony is, I have seen many similar ones selling for $125 or over.

 I also love blazers and secretly collect them. I think I may have one in every colour, lol. However, I find myself never wearing them until now, this week I went through at least 3 of them and now I think I'm fixed. Blazers are great layering options for the winter time.

Well until Next time,
Sincerely Miss J
Outfit Information: Blazer & blouse & Boots: thrifted, Bag: Coach, Coat: Aritzia, Jeans: Guess

Night and Day

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever had to be at one place during the day and that same day be someone else in the evening? Like a day of shopping and an evening of dinner and drinks. Oh, gosh it happens to me all the time. So, make it easier on your self and transform that same outfit with no effort. Use accessories, footwear, and makeup to transform your self from day to night.

 I threw on a black faux fur style vest and a pair of black heels and now I am ready for the night.
Outfit Information: Sweater & Necklace: Dynamite, Vest: thrifted: DIY, Pants: Urban Behaviour, Heels: Style Sense
Also, I will be starting a DIY fashion segment and room organization segment so please stay tune.
Until Next time,
Sincerely Miss J

That's Just Me

Hey Everyone,

So the other day I was asked "how would I described my style" and the first word that came to me was practical! So, why did I say practical, well  because that's exactly what it is. My life is busy and full of running here and there, literally. When I'm in class or walking around campus I need to be 100% comfortable. Therefore, wearing Christian Louboutins or stiff materials just doesn' t do it for me, lol. However, I must salute the ones who are accustomed to wearing these things 24hours a day. Therefore, I would described my style as practical, with combinations of masculine, feminine and chic items and ranges from highend to thrifted items. I'm not a glamorous type of girl, but I can be when the time is right. I am a simple chic, and to me simplicity is best because individuals are able to see your true beauty and essence and not be distracted by so many other things going on.
This is something that I wore a day before Halloween I think. I actually had to run in and change my bag because it was raining and the leather straps and rain do not mix on the monogram patterned bags. Which is one downfall about the bag.
Outfit Information: Jacket: Dynamite, Blouse: thrifted, belt : thrifted, Pants: Ubran behaviour, Boots: Suzy Sher, and Bag: Louis Vuitton (vintage)
Sincerely Miss J

Where has the sun gone?

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is safe and sound after Sandy. The sun sure has been missing for the past week, and I find myself at home most of the time. I also just realized that I had an outfit post to share with you but never got a chance to actually post it. Here it is! As much as I do appreciate color, I always find my self running back to my comfort zone, which is black.

 Outfit Information: Jacket, Sweater, Necklace: Dynamite, Black Leggings: Urban Planet, Boots: Thrifted, Bag: Brought from someone, Watch: MK, Arm Candy: Various Stores
Enjoy, and Until Next Time, 
Sincerely Miss J


Hello Everyone,
 So my favourite season is here, oh how I love Fall! I love the colors , the cooler weather, but most of all I love Fall fashion. I love layering items and Fall is the perfect weather for that. I also have been loving for awhile the colour oxblood. Now the colour is everywhere, which is just perfect for me.

So I brought this oxblood cotton maxi skirt a month ago, before the no shopping challenge. With the no shopping challenge I find myself trying to find different ways to wear a few different items differently. Adding a jacket or different accessories can really change up an outfit.

 You can go from biker chic, to classic sophisticate, to comfortable & causal as little as 1,2,3

Outfit Information: leather jacket: Guess, black collar shirt: thrifted, maxi skirt: Mode Star, ankle boots: Suzy Sher, Blazer: H&M, bag: Coach, Collar necklace: Little Burgundy
Until Next Time,
Sincerely Miss J

Goodbye Warmth and Hello to Cold

Hello Beauties and Gents,

I am back with another outfit post and many more to come. These pictures were taken two weekends back when the weather was still  bearable to wear a skirt in. This was my last attempt to inject some bright colours into the mix until I pulled out my fall palette.
 The top and skirt were thrifted. A big thank you, to my friend Abena who gifted me this skirt and 3 more. Check out her tumblr here .The foot wear was an expensive impulse buy at the beginning of the summer at a small boutique. I love them because their  made completely of leather including the soles, and they are really comfortable. However, no more impulsive crazy buying for me. 

Currently, I'm participating in a no more shopping ban for three months, this all started Friday( Sept. 21st). I realized after doing some cleaning and organizing of my closet that I had a lot of potential basic pieces to work with. I'm also a student who still has tuition hanging over my head, so paying that must come first. So anyone want to join me in this challenge? You have $20 break only if you really must buy something.
Anyways, enjoy and I shall be back soon.
Sincerely, Miss J
Outfit Information: Necklace: Icing, Top: thrifted (Areopostale), Skirt: gifted (but thrifted), Footwear: ? boutique :(Belstaff)- Can't remember the boutique's name

Let's Start Over

Hello everyone,
It's been a long time since I decided to venture onto my blog again. I liked blogging but with the major transitions that were happening in my life it made it very difficult to continue with it on a regular basis. So what are these major transitions that I speak of? Well I'm now a full time student in a graduate program and let me tell you, it's kicking my butt. The volume of reading that I have already did has been overwhelming, and it's only been like two weeks

 The outfit is simple and very fall inspired, and cost less than $40 minus the handbag. I got the dress at Zara last season on sale. The heels are thrifted. The dress also captures the hot trend of oxblood or burgundy  for the fall.

 The handbag is one of my favorite handbags and the few luxury items that I own. If you follow me, you may know that I love a bargain and love thrifting. However, when I saw this item 8 months ago, I had to have it. It has been sitting in my closet for awhile unfortunately. However, recently I have been wearing it months straight.
Anyways more to come stay tuned,
Sincerely Miss J 
Outfit Information: Dress: Zara,Handbag:Coach, Heels:Thrifted

Alive and Well

Hey everyone, its been awhile since I sat down and blogged. Its not that I did not have anything to blog about, but it was the mere thought of sitting down for some time and blogging. However, I am  back because some people have been asking me where I have gone to.
Anyways, not much has been happening, same old stuff. I  have been working, and wokring on some other personal things  that  have been capturing most of my time. However, hoepfully I can take some time to blog.
Okay, on to some  important stuff. I have an outfit of the day post for you all, this is something I wore for church the other day. Nice and simple like I like it, so hopefully  you all enjoy it. 
I  really love this simple navy blue dress, its so easy to dress down or up. I  also really dig the shoes that I fell in love with because of how different they were.

Outfit Information: Dress: Urban Outfitters, Belt: thrifted, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: Micheal Kors
Until Next time,

Trend alert: Mint Green fever

Hello everyone, so spring is here and the sun we had a week ago has gone away . So with the few sun shine we had, I busted out a spring outfit in celebration. I must say, I'm really liking the mint green trend and I'm happy that its making an appearance more and more in stores. I had brought this dress almost a year ago but had no where to wear it to or how to wear it until now!
Anyways, I hope you all have a nice week, hoped you enjoyed the outfit post
Outfit Information: Blazer: Zara, Dress: Katie, Heels: Nine West, Clutch: ( Store in toronto), Nail polish: Sally Hansen: Jade Jump


In a better mindstate

Hey everyone, howdy! How have you all been doing?? I am so grateful to be writing this today, feeling 100% better. I have been unwell off and on for two weeks, and I'm glad I am feeling better just in time to enjoy the beautiful warm weather.
So what have I been doing? Well working and when I can, getting out there and trying to have fun. So, I have two outfit posts in one today. Nice eh! These are very simple transition outfits from winter to spring, last week was warm but it was also windy as well.
Now, I purchased these boots on sale a few months ago, but I really did not like them until now! Now these are my go to boots, love them! You can wear them with jeans, tights, skirts, and dresses.
Outfit #1

I wore this outfit to the mall the other day.
Outfit #2

Now, I wore the second outfit having a relaxing day with a friend downtown. The top and skirt was thrifted a few months ago. Now, I am not a skirt or dress wearer but I'm beginning to think that it will be my fav. thing this sping and summer. I feel so free!
Anyways, I'm excited for spring, time to get your spring cleaning on!!
Until Next time,
Sincerely Miss J

P.S i got a nose ring! Why now! I have no idea but I wanted one since highschool. The inital ring pictured is huge, but I have been able to downgrade it to a much smaller one, so I like it more now.

Outfit Information, outfit #1: Hat- Somewhere in townsquare, New York, Sunglasses (Gucci): glasses store ?, Sheer Blouse: Dynamite, Jacket: In Italy, Belt:Thrifted, Coloured denim (Guess): Guess warehouse sale, Boots: Aldo, bag: Nigeria 
Outfit Information, outfit #2: Sunglasses: Le Chateau, Sweater & skirt: thrifted, boots: Aldo, bag: Nigeria


Everyday Diva Contest WINNERS

Hey everyone, I just wanted to express how excited I was when I saw this video on youtube a few days ago. I love this diva ( borderhammer)'s youtube channel, and when I saw she was hosting a thrift contest I had to be all on that! So I entered it about 3 months ago, and she just recently annonced the the winner, and I was runner up!

Now, I do have a youtube account but I do not use it only because I don't have a decent video camera and I don't have much time.Maybe one day!
Anyways, Until next time
Sincerely Miss J

Winter Fun, snow tubing

Hey everyone, I am back with another post, this one is a bit different
than the usual, its more personal. On saturday I went snow tubing for the first time and I loved it. Who knew that I would be happy to see snow.

In terms of the outfit, it was all about the all black everything, winter gear with hints of gray.
Snow tubing is a great activity  for the whole family, but if your someone who is afraid of heights and speed then this may not be for you!! Anyways, hope this inspired someone to try something new. So I leave you with these words

Price for snow tubing $22
Gas divided by 4 people $7.75
Feeling like a kid again, priceless

Enjoy your week everyone,
Sincerely Miss J
Outfit Information: winter coat: Aritzia

Neon Yellow

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing good! We shall keep this post short and sweet. Anyways, this is another outfit post of something I wore to a friend's birthday party. It plays on the neon trend again, this time neon yellow. Yeah!

I really love the black sweater with the panels of sheer material, it allows for a great opportunity to layer items. I layered the neon yellow tank underneath it.

I also found these wrist reflectors that joggers use at night, however it matched perfectly with the neon tank top so I decided to wear it around my wrist during the day

Outfit Information: Tank Top & Sweater: Dynamite, Leather Jacket (Guess): guess warehouse sale, Black Jeans ( Marciano): Guess warehouse sale, Heels: thrifted, Clutch: Costa Blanca, neckalace:Fairweather, wrist reflectors: Dollaroma
Anyways, Until Next time
Miss J

Winter Loving!

Hey Everyone, another outfit post!! Yeah! This one is a causal one, I usual wear stuff like this when I run my errands, my main thing is being comfortable.
Now, the weather here in the GTA has been snow free for awhile,  but this picture was taken during one of the few major snow falls we have had. And you know what, I forgot how beautiful everything can look except for the  roads when snow is covering it. 

Now, the highlight of the outfit is the jacket that I got from the thrift store for $34 (Talize). They were doing a 50% off sale and I scored big on this Miss Sixty, nearly new jacket.
Anyways, until next time,
Sincerely Miss J

Outfit Information: denim shirt: Garage, Sweater: thrifted, necklace:thrifted, Jacket ( Miss Sixty):thrifted, Coloured denim ( Guess): warehouse sale, boots: Fairweather, bag: Nigeria


Trend Alert: Neon: Fuchsia

Hey everyone, so I am back with a trend alert for spring 2012, now I dont often  pay close attention to trends, but I really like the neon trend thats coming up. Therefore,  this is a quick outfit of the day, I was going to wear  it this week to a semi formal event but I figured lets post it early in honor of Valentine's day. I personally don't celebrate it, but I thought why not.

Now, be prepared to see this trend even more in spring 2012 but you can easily start adding brights to your winter wardrobe now. You can do this by  incorporating other neon colours like neon greens or yellows into your outfits with accessories or clothing. I also changed my hair, which I am not really feeling but I guess I will have to just get use to it.

The whole cost of the outfit not including the coat and before taxes was under $ 50, take note that the heels are "GUESS"
On a sad note, I would like to say R.I.P Whitney Houston. She was an amazing singer. You shall be missed.

Outfit Information: Coat: Costa Blanca,  Shirt: thrifted, Skirt: dynamite, Heels: (Guess)- Guess warehouse sale, necklace: shop on Queen street.

$50-$100 Outfit Series: I see Plaid

        Hey everyone, greetings from the one and only miss J, I thought I would come back with another one of my personal outfits. Fristly, I want to thank all those who follow me, comment, or those who have shared my blog. Next, I realized that it was hard to follow my blog because  the " join this site bottom" was not visible. Well now it is, so if you wish to follow,please do. The bottom is now at the bottom.
My goal in 2012 is to share my blog with more people, and network with others. I'm naturally a very shy person when it comes to marketing myself , but I'm really trying to break out of it. So, look out for more sincerely miss j.

               Next, I wanted to address a comment that I received from a friend of friend. She stated that she loved my style and was inspired but could not afford to be fashionable. I will let you in on the advice I gave to her. My style is very inexpensive. I have too many bills, and potential investments to spend a lot of money on material goods. Therefore, I buy everything on sale, go to warehouse sales, or go thrifting. However, unless I really need it or really love it I will buy it at regular price. My main rule is if I can thrift it, I refuse to buy it at a regular store for more. The second thing is to be aware of your own personal style, body type, and to invest in basic pieces so you  can have strong foundations for your outfits.

Furthermore; I had an idea to introduce a series  where I will continue to add outfits but  at differnt price points to illustrate to you all, that being fashionable does not have to cost you an arm and an leg. It will consist of outifts from head to toe that are under $50, between $50-$100, and over $100.

Okay on to the outfit, This is the first outfit of the $50-$100 price point. I wore this one on a cold day with my winter jacket but I took it off for you all to see what I was wearing. The outfit, was comfortable and cold weather friendly. The items that I love are the black fur hat and the flat leather boots.

Now the key for the winter months and looking great is lots of layering. I love layering different textures, patterns, and colours. It gives more dimension to your outfits. 
Now on to the important stuff, the total spent from head to toe is $88.98 before taxes. Please keep in mind that the fur hat is Barts, the jeans are Miss Sixty, and the boots are leather. So, when you think about it the Miss Sixty Jeans brought at regular price already would add up to the total outfit price, so I am happy. Also many of the pieces that are found in the outfit can easily be reused over and over again to make other outfits

Outfit Information: hat (Barts) Style Sense, Scarf (Jack & Jones) warehouse sale, Plaid shirt: thrifted, Vest: Modestar, Jeans ( Miss Sixty): warehouse sale, Boots: thrifted, watch (xoxo) burlington coat factory
Until Next Time
Sincerely Miss J


         Hello Everyone, I thought I would come on here quickly to say hi and reintroduce myself ( lol). It's been awhile since I last blogged. I have been so busy with work and finishing up my applications for graduate school that I had to put extra things on hold. Also the weather in T dot has been crazy, its been cool, cold, snowing, or raining, and it's JAN.!
However, enough of the excuses!! I have more outfit posts coming soon, and a few thrift hauls that I am excited to share with you all. A week ago , I went to Value Village and got some major goods that were serious discoveries. I will have that post this week or next week. But in the meantime, I shall leave you with an outfit post that I did three weeks ago. It was something that  I wore to church when the weather was normal

Its pretty simple and just my  take on the wide legged dress trousers trend. I hope I inspired someone out there. So, until next time, Enjoy

Outfit Information: necklace,blouse,blazer, and belt- thrifted, dress pants: Dynamite, Shoes: Aldo, and Bag: Nigeria