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Hey everyone, it was such a beautiful day today, i thought it would be fun to do some test shooting, ring in the beginning of spring weather with some crazy colour. Therefore, this post is for test shooting purposes, and not so much an outfit post. I personally would not wear this outfit in this way out around town, like i would for my other outfit posts. However, i wanted a change from my boring self, and took the risk. Enjoy! I'll be sure to be back to my regular outfit posts, real soon.

Top, skirt,belt: thrifted,Clutch: urban behaviour,flats: Napes, in Italy

Who is sincerely miss j??

Hey everyone, I'm so sorry that i have not been posting much, I have gotten really busy, and the weather has been so uninspiring. It always seems to be raining, cloudy, or cold. So this is a post answering some of the questions i have gotten, Enjoy!

Name: Jackline


Occupation: A registered nurse (surgical nurse)

Where do i live? In Canada

Background: Ghanaian

Are you a stylist or have any involvement in the fashion industry?: No, i have no involvement in the fashion industry, and i'm not a stylist. I just like putting stuff together. However, i have done some work in modeling,styling, makeup, and hair for close friends to help them out on their personal projects.

Fairy Tale Series Photoshoot: Princess Scheherazade
Photo credit: Salmia E, http://www.limaes.com/ (check site for more of the series)
modeling,make up, hair,wardrobe styling: by me ( Jackline)
Also did sleeping beauty & princess and the frog's hair and make up, and wardrobe styling for the lil mermaid
How would you describe your style? simple and classy, i love solid pieces but on occasion i do play with some patterns.

Where do you get your clothes: I do not limit myself to one or two stores, however i really love Zara, h&m, and french connection. I also love thrifting  because it is exciting to hunt. I also find, you can be more creative with clothing when you thrift due to the fact that often no two items are the same and sometimes you can find more there than the malls. I purchase everything i wear.

Who takes your pictures?: my little sister is the person behind the camera, this blog is our bonding time, and we are both having fun learning

What camera do you use?  Sony drsl a230

What are some of your hobbies?: When i'm not working and have money to spare i love to travel. So far, I have been to many places in the united states, Cuba, Dominican,Italy, France and Spain.I also love fine arts, singing, music, and of course if time alones, blogging.

If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to email me at jacklinea@hotmail.com

Sincerely miss J

black and camel

These pictures are oldies but they are still goodies, they were taken a couple weeks ago. I love this romper that I had purchased in Atlanta because of the detailing on the back 

Blazer: thrifted, Romper: American Outfitters, Belt:thrifted, Shoes: Style Sense (Chinese Laundry)

leopard print,pink,cream, and yellow oh my!

Hey Everyone,
       So this is yet another outfit post, and I'm really loving this look because I was able to use a variety of different colours and textures without it looking that way. The outfit was also appropriate for the meeting that I had to attend to that day, without having to look totally boring. The look includes a few different colours and textures such as  leopard print, baby pink, cream, yellow, canvas, denim, leather, wool, and chiffon. Also, believe it or not the whole outfit minus the handbag was less than $100, and keep in mind that the shoes are Guess, and the jeans are Miss Sixty. My advice to you is lookout for warehouse sales and clearance sales. You never know what you may find.

outfit details: necklace & belt : thrifted, blazer: thrifted,blouse: thrifted, Leather bag: mother's bag made in italy, Jeans : Miss Sixty, Shoes: Guess

Sincerely miss J

I'm the DIY Queen, NOT!!! Sheer maxi skirt

           One of the trends that I had been eyeing for this spring was the sheer maxi skirt, but all the ones I had seen were way too pricey for me to spend on a trend.
         The other day I got a sudden burst of creativity, and got this bright idea that I would just make my own black sheer maxi skirt from stretch. Mind you, I don't sew. So I set out, with the picture below as inspiration. On my way to the fabric store I decided to stop by the thrift store first, and guess what? I ended up finding a plain sheer lined black maxi skirt for $4.99.Lucky for me, I did not have to do much to it when I got home. All I had to do was cut the lining out of the skirt.
          I personally paired mine with a black body con skirt. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to wear it yet due to the fact that it is still freezing cold outside. I also really want a pleated sheer baby pink or cream maxi skirt to go better with spring, but we shall see. Enjoy



I have tumblr

Hey everyone so i have tumblr now and do alot of posting there too, my tumblr is more of my personal creative outlet with more  pictures of outfits, photography,art, fashion and so on. If you have tumblr follow me or just check out the page.

                                       Sincerely miss J

fixer Uppers!

          Hey everyone, today marks the official start of my spending diet. I don't know how long it will last for, but I will try my best to walk away from any type of temptation. Therefore, I will only buy what I need and not what I want. I need to save up for my trip to Ghana next month!!!
       Okay back to the post, so this post is about fixer uppers. Approximately 2-3 weeks ago I went outlet shopping and found some items for cheap. I found these items at one store where they had a section where damaged items were placed. Now, I have been in this store many times before, but never really had an interest in going through their damaged clothing racks until that day. What surprised me the most was  that some of the items were so modestly damaged, and were priced at more than 80% off the original price. Therefore, I am offering this option to you if available, don't only scout the clearance racks but also the damaged pile. You may get lucky, just maybe.

Some tips:
1. Find what  and where  the damage is.
2. Assess how damaged the item is and if it can be fixed.
3. Can this item easily be fixed by you? if not, how much will it cost to be repaired?
4. Is the item worth the effort and money?

So this is the stuff that I picked up, they are basic pieces, but at those prices why not?

small rip in black band $3, org. 19.99

rip in the seam, $5 org. $29.99 (sale price)

 strap broken, $3 org. $27.99

snap bottom fell off, $5 org ??

small pin hole, $3 org. $17.99

All the items were easy to repair or cover up so i am happy. Look for some of these items in later posts. Remember the denim shirt from that orange pants post? ;)

                                            Sincerely miss J


I am obessed with red lipstick!!!!

The red lip has always been a classic go to lip for many years, but recently I’ve noticed everyone and their mother rocking it. Is it just me? I don't know! For me personally, I have never really worn red lipstick because I was so afraid of looking like a clown due to the fact that I have really full lips. However, i've been seeing alot of pictures and girls who have now inspired me to find my inner red. So, i went on the hunt to find a bright matte red lipstick, and i think i found it.

Lipstick MAC Russian Red (ACO) & lipliner ANNABELLE cherry (205)
Sincerely miss J
first three photos obatined from: http://www.zimbio.com/
last photo obatined from: http://hellobeautiful.com/