Holiday Jamming

Hey Everyone, Miss J is back with another outfit post. This one is from a christmas party that I attended a couple weeks ago. I'm not a dress wearing type of girl, but I do wear them when I have to or when I find something that I really like. For this dress, I fell in love with the colour and the fit. However, the dress was a pain because throughout the night it kept riding up when I walked, making it appear much shorter than it actually was. However, for $25 dollars on sale, I did not mind too much.
Anyways, I will be quite busy preparing for the holidays, working, and putting my energy into some other personal things, so I will like to wish all my fellow bloggers and readers a Merry Christmas if you do celebrate it. 
I shall be back after Christmas, but before New Years

Outfit Information: Necklace: Fairweather, Dress: Dynamite, Heels: ? ( purchased 2+ years ago), Clutch: thrifted

Until Next Time,
Sincerely Miss J   


Love this clutch

Hey Everyone, this is my newest obsession, a brown crocodile clutch. I received this amazing clutch from a friend who recently returned from Nigeria. I love the detailing, the colour and the craftsmanship. You all will definitely be seeing more of it.
Also, I hope you guys like the new heading, I was so bored of the old one. Anyways, until next time.
Sincerely Miss J


Hello everyone, another outfit post!! Yeah!! Anyways, the outfit is made up of a few trends: coloured jeans and faux fur.

I wore this outfit to a b-day dinner party for two of my friends, and then we headed out to a place that offered some live music. I actually ended up wearing different shoes to make it a bit more causal and for more comfort just in case we would be standing. I actually wore cambat boots instead, but the options are endless. 

Outfit Information: Shirt: thrifted, Fur vest: Dynamite, Necklace: Fairweather, Coloured Jeans: Guess Warehouse Sale, Clutch: thrifted, Heels: thrifted.
Thanks again,
Sincerely Miss J

The Holidays are Coming!!

Hey everyone, its Dec. 5th so you know what that means!! The holidays are quickly approaching making it offically 20 days until christmas. I love the holidays because its such a magical and happy time of year. Also, its the season  to eat, dress up, and celebrate! Anyways, I finally left my house and went to a family event in downtown Toronto and I thought I would share the holiday spirit with you all. Enjoy.
I love seeing The Bay's display windows, they are so pretty!

So this is what I wore that day. It's nothing crazy, just simple and comfortable. It was actually very cold out so most of the time I was wearing my winter coat. Also I'm rocking a new look, thought I would change it up for the holidays!!
And of course I had to Shout out Miss Diva Abena who is one of the very few friends that I have who is not camera shy!

Anyways, If your not in the christmas spirit hopeful this gets you into one.
Until next time,
sincerely miss J

Outfit Information: White shirt: Dynamite, Blazer: thrifted, Scarf: sample sale, Jeans: Dynamite, Shoes: Aldo

Inspiration-Thank you!!

           Hey everyone,  a while  ago I received a comment from a lovely fellow blogger Jersey Blogess stating that she saw one of my outfit posts awhile back (see picture on the left). She then went on to say that she was inspired to do her own version. After seeing her version, I must say she did a great job using that concept and making it practical to her. After reading that comment it really made my day because it is one thing to just post stuff, but when people actually read it or get inspired by it, its something else. Thank you jersey blogess, this post was a long time coming.
I also want to thank Sharon from Sharzville for featuring me and my style on her site. Thank you for asking me to participant. Click here for the feature.

For me, fashion is all about inspiration, however personal style occurs when you can take something and make it your own. We all don't have the ability to wear the exact things that come directly off the run ways or off our favourite celebrities, style gurus or bloggers but we can be inspired.  So again thanks Jersey Blogees and Sharon. So what inspires me and sharps what I wear? Many things and many people. These are some pictures that are really inspiring me right now.

 Textured Belted Coats
Dark Coloured Sheer Skirts

Wide Legged Trousers 
(all images from the show blog)
Until next time
Sincerely Miss J