Happy American Thanksgiving Weekend!!

Hey Everyone, I am alive and well!!! I just wanted to stop by and post a quick outfit post and run off. I also wanted to wish all my American friends and readers a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! So, what are you thankful for this year?

Now back to the outfit, can you believe that 60% of this outfit was thrifted, who said you can't stay on trend on a budget!! Not me!

Now details on the earrings and necklace, I was invited to a jewellery party about two weeks ago. Even though I am on my shopping strike, I fell in love with the necklace, and thought why not support a small business.  So, an update on the "no shopping challenge", I'm over my goal by $250. However, recently I have been very good. Anways, I will be back in the blogging swing again real soon so look out. 
Outfit Information: Blazer: Zara, Animal print sweater: thrifted, Necklace & earrings: Jules & Jem, Colored Jeans: thrifted, Boots: thrifted, bag: warehouse sale
Sincerely miss J


Keeping It Simple

Hello everyone, so I'm going to keep this post quick because my stats assignment is calling my name.
So, I love wearing black especially when heading out in the evening
however, at times it can be a bit bland, so to keep it interesting I paired different black items that had different details and textures together

Also, because it's getting cold, I added a thrifted patterened blazer to keep it interesting, and me a little warm.
Here's the finally look below!!

Anyways, pictures are during the day to capture the outfit better, but it's something I wore
in the evening. Please feel free to comment, and FOLLOW if you like what
you see, XOXO

Outfit Information: Patterned blazer:thrifted, shirt: modestar,pants: h&m, clutch, boots, & necklace:thrifted, Ring: mother

Sincerely miss J

Pop of Colour

    Hey everyone, this is a quick outfit post. I have so much to post, but I have been busy  focusing on my readings and assignments. And I'm feeling alot better, and have been out and about. Tonight's outfit post is something I wore to dinner with an old highschool friend. I have not seen her in years, but it was nice catching up. Wow, looking back I can't believe I have been out of highschool  for 7 years, it seems like just yesterday!

Now currently I'm on a "no shopping challenge" that started 2 weeks ago with a friend. The challenge was no buying clothes, accessories, and shoes until the new year. My friend and I started the challenge because our shopping habits seemed to be out of control lately, and I have so much to save up for. We only allowed for 20 dollars max to spend. So my preformance in the challenge has been poor, I'm negative $140. So, hopefully I can get my act together until Jan. 1, and start using what I already have in my closet. So could you go without buying anything for one,two, three months?

Outfit Information: Shirt & Pants: Dynamite,Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: Fairweather
chow until next time
Sincerely miss J