I'm sick!!

            Hello blogging world! I have come with a another quick outfit post, been busy working nights and all, completing my assignment, and now fighting a bit of a bug. But, what can you do, sometimes you got to do what you got to do!

           Anyways, this is what I wanted to wear to church last week, however, due to a mixed up I never made it there. LOL. Okay, now on to the outfit, so, I'm not really a short or med length skirt wearer  but this one was a perfect length and a perfect fit for me. Anyways,  the outfit was dirt cheap and 80% of it was thrifted. Total outfit cost???? drum roll please, $32 from head to toe. The biggest steal was the shoes from Aldo that I got thrifted for $7.99. There were basically brand new!

Outfit Information: scarf- In Italy @ some random shop, shirt: Garage,belt:thrifted,skirt:thrifted, shoes: thrifted
until next time,
Sincerely Miss J

A blogger Award

       Hey everyone, this is a very overdue blog post. I really wanted to find the time to post it, but it has been a bit hectic here at this time. Anyways, little old me recently received a blog award!! My first blog award!! Yeah!! I would like to thank Stiletto Minded at the Stiletto minded blog for thinking of me,she's such a sweetie. Please check out her blog.

                When I first started this blog, I did not even think that anyone would even look at it, I did it as an outlet and wanted to do something non healthcare related. I also started it reluctantly to showcase my own personal style,beauty or whatever. Thank you all!! Okay onto the rules of this blog award.

The Rules
1) Thank the blogger that gave you the award AND create a link back to their blog.
2) List 7 things about your self
3) Pass the torch onto 15 other bloggers
4) Leave a comment on the blogs you have chosen.

7 Things About Myself

1. I use to be a tomboy
2. I use to dislike shopping, three years ago
3. I love traveling and going on vacation when I can
4. I'm a singer but don't really do anything with it
5. I use to paint and sketch very well
6. I'm not a fan of taking pictures, but i' m really trying to be less camera shy
7. I'm a thrift store addict

Okay, I was suppose to do 15 bloggers, and from looking at the list below, I know I'm not even close so I failed that part and I'm willing to admit it. I did not complete the 15 because some of the ones I read are already mainsteam. I decided to expose the following blogs and to let these beauties know, keep up the good work! Please check them out!

1. Gabrielle Marie 
2. The Fresh Factor
4. A few of my favourite things
5. Kurlskoilskinks
6. The V Vila..
7. Fashion Rouge

Anyways, this has motivated me to get back in the swing of things. So I shall be back soon. Chow

Sincerely miss J

The Pretty colours of fall

Hey everyone, so i'm coming to you with another outfit post. The outfit is simple, just like I like it. There's alot of neutral colours, but I decided to add the pop of colour with the orange floral scarf. Want to change an outfit  in 2 seconds flat, invest in scarves, hats, and other accessories.

One thing that I can't stop wearing is my off the shoulder bag. I love it so much. I have had alot of people stop and ask me where it is from. It was a gift to my mother, but my mother never really made use of it. The bag is 100% leather, and imported from Nigeria. 

Outfit Information: leather jacket: Danier Leather, scarf: Ardene, Sweater:thrifted, jeans: Papaya, boots: Fairweather, bag: Nigeria

Sincerely miss J 

I am thankful for.....Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

  I'm thankful for.... well my family, friends, life, and health, oh gosh I'm just about thankful for everything.
Alot has happened and God has really brought me through it. So Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians, and even if your not celebrating thanksgiving this weekend I'm sure you all have reasons to give thanks.

So the outfit was kind of put together 2 weeks ago randomly, but my favourite element is still my animal print shirt. Animal print is definitely not going anywhere for now, and that brings us to the  new "bloggers do it better challenge". It's all about animal print. How convenient for me. If you would like more information or to check out the challenge check here

Outfit Information: Blazer:Thrift, Shirt:Modestar, Belt: Thrifted, Pants:Urban Behaviour, Shoes:Aldo


Baby, I'm a Rockstar!!!

      Hey everyone, so I thought I would do another outfit post. This was from a while ago, but I did not really have time to post it, until now. Its nothing crazy exciting, but I love black, and I own alot of it. I guess the reason why i love black so much is because it goes with everything. So, the story was that  I was on my way to a causal b-day party at night, and took a couple of shots. I'm really trying to remember to take pictures of what i am wearing, when i'm on my way out. So I promise lots of outfit inspirations to come, and trust no scrubs will be included in them (lol).


Neutral Eye and Bold Lip

         Hey Everyone, so this post is a little bit different than the usual outfit post. This is a face of the day. I decided to post this because when I last did this look I received alot of complements. I also got alot of questions like, did I do it myself, and what did I use to achieve the look. So, this post will help me answer those questions and hopefully inspire someone out there. This is the neutral eye and bold lip look, and is a great look for a galmorous evening out.

1. Make sure your face is clean and moisturized, using products for your skin type, perform your foundation routine
2.  Next I primed my eye lids with urban decay primer potion- labelled 1
3. I then used annabelle trio eyeshadow in haute chocolate- labelled 4. Apply the middle shade to your entire lid, the dark colour to the crease of your eyes, and the lighest colour under your brow bone
4. Use a liquid liner- black ( Lise Watier)- labelled 3 to create a thin line to the top lash line
5. If you like you can apply false lashes, i dont wear them personally. Apply mascara ( mary kay ultimate mascara)- labelled 2
6. Apply a cream blush ( if you like) MAC- Laid Back- labelled 6, and then apply mineral cheek colour (Mary Kay- Golden Copper)- labelled 5, to set cream blush and diffuse colour.
7. Then apply a lipstick (Mary Kay,Hibiscus), and a neutral brown lip liner, not pictured above, blend harsh edges.

So enjoy the look, sorry I was taking many of the pictures in the event and forgot to snap the complete look of what I was wearing. Sorry. Until next time.

Sincerely miss J