I'm the DIY Queen, NOT!!! Sheer maxi skirt

           One of the trends that I had been eyeing for this spring was the sheer maxi skirt, but all the ones I had seen were way too pricey for me to spend on a trend.
         The other day I got a sudden burst of creativity, and got this bright idea that I would just make my own black sheer maxi skirt from stretch. Mind you, I don't sew. So I set out, with the picture below as inspiration. On my way to the fabric store I decided to stop by the thrift store first, and guess what? I ended up finding a plain sheer lined black maxi skirt for $4.99.Lucky for me, I did not have to do much to it when I got home. All I had to do was cut the lining out of the skirt.
          I personally paired mine with a black body con skirt. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to wear it yet due to the fact that it is still freezing cold outside. I also really want a pleated sheer baby pink or cream maxi skirt to go better with spring, but we shall see. Enjoy



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