Arlenis Sosa by Xevi MuntanĂ© for Harper’s Bazaar Spain March 2011

 Hey Everyone,
           I just recently found these pictures with the beautiful model Arlenis Sosa, and all I have to say is “I'm in love with these pictures!” . What i love about them is the colours, the styling, the model, the poses and the fact that it remains me of how much I miss the summer. The photo shoot took place on a beach in La isla Bonita. The photographs are by Xevi MuntanĂ© for Harper’s Bazaar Spain March 2011, and the outfits featured are from multiple designers. Here are some of my personal favourites from the pictures featured in the March issue.

I spotted these photos first from http://www.beautyisdiverse.com/

Sincerely miss J

Words to the wise

Love & cherish everyone. Appreciate others. Tell all those you love, that you love them often. Never hold grudges. Cause the time we are given is often unknown
-      Sincerely miss J
This quote is in light to the passing of someone i knew, may she rest in peace. Her passing has been a realization that regardless of age, physical beauty, wealth, status or whatever, you just never know. Therefore, it's important to live life happy, drama free and doing the things you love, which continues to be my motto.

A day by the lake & now a snow storm

                 Hey everyone, this is an outfit post from a week ago or longer. I would have posted it earlier but I had gone on vacation to Atlanta and was dealing with some personal issues.
                On that particular day; my little sister, my cousin, my camera and I decided to head to the lake to enjoy the few days of nice weather that we received. The lakeshore is only 10 minutes away from where I live, so we go there often in the summertime. However, on this particular day it was pretty cold and windy so we did not stay long. But, I must say, it's a big contrast to the weather we experienced yesterday. Toronto was hit with a big snow storm, and it was pretty rough out there. I thought I was done shovelling snow, salting the driveway, and battling through the snow in my super low sporty car for a long time, but I was so wrong. OH well!

my cousin freezing

yesterday's weather, wow what a difference a week can make

blazer & jeans:dynamite,shirt:forever 21,shoes:aldo,bag:Costa blanca, watch: burlington coat factory (brand:xoxo)

Sincerely miss J

Oh look it’s orange pants!

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for my brief absence away from the blog, but I'm back with a new outfit post. If anyone is interested, I purchased my pants from h& m about a week ago on promotion for less than 10 Canadian dollars. If the bald orange colour is not your thing, it's also available in other colours like navy blue. The total cost of my outfit excluding the watch, and the bag was under 70 Canadian dollars. Therefore, 70 dollars includes the blazer, denim shirt, white shirt, necklace, brown leather belt, the orange pants, and shoes. Therefore, you dont always have to give up an arm and an leg to dress how you like. On an important side note, I would like to extend my condolences and prayers to Japan and all the other countries affected by the earthquake.

Blazer: united colours of Benetton (thrifted), denim shirt: Garage, white shirt: Urban Behaviour, leather belt: thrifted, pants: h&m, shoes: Aldo, bag: Guess, watch: Micheal kors

Sincerely miss J
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Inspirational Wednesdays: Abena

Hey everyone, this is the first inspirational style post for my blog to date. As mentioned in my previous post on 'style', I will be featuring other people on the blog on Wednesdays. These individuals are friends, colleagues, celebrities, fellow bloggers, or anyone that I find inspirational. These individuals not only have a great  unique personal style, but they always appear to be wearing the perfect accessory of 'CONFIDENCE', which is a must to complete any look.
             The first feature is my friend, Abena. What I like about her, is that she is not afraid to experiment with different colours and textures. She was also the first person to introduce me to thrift shopping. I must say her thrifting skills are the boom and she always gets lucky, unlike me. Thanks Abena.

1. jumpsuit: zara, belt: thrifted, sandles: dollhouse, blazer: h and m, bag: mac douglas-thrifted
2.shoes: liz clairborne-thrifted, pants: zara, blazer: h and m, necklace : thrifted
3.Skirt: thrifted, Blazer: h and m, Shoes: nine west,top: h and m,ring: h and m,clutch: thrifted
4.skirt: danier leather-thrifted,top: h and m, blazer: h and m,clutch: thrifted,ring: h and m
5.dress: custom made, clutch: thrifted, belt: thrifted
6.dress: custom made,cardigan: zara,shoes: nine west,clutch: nine west,watch: Dunhill-thrifted
7.jumpsuit: zara, shoes: nine west boutique,blazer: thrifted,broach: thrifted
8.dress: asos, ring; h& m, shoes: thrifted

How would you describe your style?
"I would say my style is a bit of everything depending on the mood i'm in. I can go for vintage or modern, but i really love mixing the old with the new. I have a knack for finding vintage pieces at amazing prices. I love colours and bold patterns but also own alot of dark colours and blacks"
- Abena

Sincerely miss J


Happy Independence to my motherland: Ghana, Happy 54 years


 And please check out this really interesting article about ghana independence if interested  http://www.theroot.com/views/independence-black-america?page=0,1

Sincerely miss J